Month: May 2010

Business ownership is on the rise.

Every time you turn on the television or pick up a newspaper, you hear new reports on record unemployment or corporate downsizing.  The economy has impacted almost everyone from high-level corporate executives to middle managers to recent college graduates.  If you are affected, the traditional approach has been to immediately send your resume to multiple […]

The Challenge

by John Kieffer The Results Group – There is never enough time to get done what I want. – All I do is bounce from one issue to another. – I must be responsive to my clients but they run me from one challenge to another. – I don’t have enough time to plan. – I […]

Networking is a Business Decision

By: Duane Plapp, Referral Institute Cincinnati When you or your company initiates a new program it is researched and systematically executed. This same strategy should be in place when deciding to use networking as a pro-active marketing strategy to increase revenues. Networking, when done correctly, can be the best and most affordable marketing tool. It […]

The "NEW"

As much as I dislike seeing and hearing the word “NEW” on everything, I had to use it.  I’ve been working on a concept for this website for some time.  My goal was to create a website that business owners and marketers could come to to industry insight, current events and to connect with people […]

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