Month: June 2010

Power Play #36 – The Power of Networks

Paul D’Souza – The D’Souza Group – Award Winning Author – The Market Has Changed – Have You? I have recently connected with a group of people that belong to the Business Network International (BNI) organization. Ironically, I did not have any interaction with them as a group before these last few weeks and I […]

What do you do or sell?

What do you do or sell? I’m sure you’ve been in networking and social settings where this question has been asked a thousand times, but coming up with the correct answer is much harder than you think. If your answer is the actual product or service you provide, your answer, although correct, is actually incorrect. […]

Phone Numbers…In your ads?

535-9123 Phone numbers are everywhere.  You see them on billboards, television commercials, and you hear them on radio commercials. Every business wants you to remember their phone number, but do you? Without looking, what is the phone number at the top of this page?  Chances are you couldn’t remember and had to look.  The reason?  […]

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