Month: August 2010

With the good comes the bad, but help is in sight.

Last week I was in the market for new Golf Clubs. I was willing to buy, but I was not in a MUST HAVE mode. I also had just taken my kids to a driving range where they used my clubs and had a blast. I was pleasantly surprised when my 6 & 8 year-old could hit the ball GOOD with my clubs. So we set out on a mission to buy new clubs for the kids and if I found something or someone SOLD me, I’d buy new ones as well.

Our journey started at Play-It-Again Sports in Florence. We were in the store for 10-15 minutes sizing up clubs for the kids. Every few minutes I’d ask the guy working a question to which I would get a VERY generic answer like “Uh, yeah”….{Click Above To Read More}

Why should you power down office equipment?

By Jake Westrich, EcoPhone Systems, LLC Computers and other office equipment are vital to the everyday functions and productivity of most businesses. They power our employees and our companies, but they also drain power and raise our energy bills. Limiting the energy waste of our office equipment can conserve resources and prolong the lives of […]

“Undo The Status Quo”

Do you market yourself or your business the way you do because “that’s the way it’s always been done”? Truth be told, your answer is probably “Yes”. It’s a lot safer to follow the status quo, but can your business reach its full potential by doing business this way? If you’re happy with how things […]

STOP COLD CALLING, Referral Marketing-Part 1

WHY are you still cold calling?  Cold calling is fruitless, requires you to check your reputation at the door and is the easiest business to lose to other cold calling sales people.  You need to start building your brand and start getting high level referrals.  It all starts with an emotional message that shows your […]

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