Month: September 2010

Darian and RMC in the news again!

Locally launched RMC Franchise links franchises, business owners Soapbox, 9/21/2010. Article from SoapBox Cincinnati There’s more than one route to entrepreneurship, and a Michigan transplant to Cincinnati has started his own business by helping others launch theirs. Darian Richardson opened RMC Franchise Connect last fall. Richardson helps others find a franchise that best suits their […]

You’re never too young to start a business

There was a time when the toughest decision for a college graduate was which one of five job offers they would accept upon graduation. Today’s graduates are entering a much different world and not so optimistic marketplace. Students have seen the constant restructuring and downsizing of top companies directly impact their career possibilities.  With the increase […]

Are You Memorable?

The average American comes into contact with over 5,000 advertising messages every day.  If you subtract out 7 hours for sleep, that leaves 17 hours of available advertising contact time.  That means the average American comes into contact with 294 advertising messages every hour. An advertising message isn’t just a radio or television commercial, a […]

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