Month: October 2010


By Doug Smith Last week, on my way home from work, my wife called me and wanted me to run by the store to pick up toothpaste and bread.  (Yeah, I thought it was a weird combination as well)I was amazed at how many different brands of toothpaste are on the market.  I stood there […]

Social Media's Importance In Online Search Tools

Here is an article that was just published on Radio Sales today.  Driven Media Solutions has been preaching to our clients of the importance to dominate YOUR BUSINESSES NAME on the Search Engines.  We always talk about how pages like Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter are influencing buying decisions and searches.  The first sentence tells a […]

This one is for Sales People and Sales Managers…

Why do companies teach cold calling and not referral marketing? I have worked for 2 broadcasting companies in my professional career and all they EVER talked about was cold calling, the #’s of calls made, call reports, BLAH BLAH BLAH. They never focused on quality, just raw numbers. I always did a great job for […]

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