Month: February 2011

Local Business Against Texting While Driving

Lisa Russell, Co-owner of Five Star Collision Center, is taking a personal interest in the campaign against texting and driving.  As a busy mother of four with a new teenage driver, she realizes the many challenges faced by parents as they put their children behind the wheels of a car. She also realizes that the […]

Are You Special?

Why is it that most speakers never make a deep connection with their audiences?  Even those that are polished presenters, terrific story tellers, or humorous speakers? Unfortunately, they fail to touch their audiences because they’re too busy building themselves up. When most speakers tell their stories, what do they tend to talk about?  Their successes.  Business success!  Financial success!  Personal success!  Unfortunately, […]


All of these companies are category dominant, they all are well known, and they all offer excellent products.   However, if I put you in a room with 99 other people there is a good chance that your opinion of these companies will differ from the vast majority of others.  Maybe you formed your opinion about […]

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