Month: November 2011

Is your Marketing Hot or Cold?

Why do heating and cooling companies advertise new furnaces in the winter and air conditioners in the summer? The answer is obvious:  Because that is when the majority of consumers are in the market for that specific product and service.  Who in their right mind would advertise air conditioners in the dead of winter, right?  […]

Do your reps understand ROI or your clients goals?

by Matt Plapp Recently the topic of ROI (return on investment) has been in the news more often.  It’s pretty easy to figure out why.  Companies are getting smarter and more frugal with their dollars.  Not just for marketing but for everything they do in their business. I remember a few years ago when I […]

Retailers save $7 Billion! R U getting your share?

New Federal Debit Law will save Retailers $7 Billion!  How to get your share… By Brad Arnott Omega Processing Solutions Did you see the Cincinnati Enquirer article on Sunday, November 6th “Banks Look for New Fees”? There has been much discussion over the last month about new fees the large banks may be charging.  Bank […]

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