How To Create A TARGETED Facebook Ad

A good friend of mine, Jim Ludwig, is an attorney that works with Breweries.  He was telling me about the Saturday morning events he was doing at a Brewery in Cincinnati that revolved around Soccer and that benefited a local charitable cause that I’m involved with.  The conversation quickly turned to me giving him advice about doing a Facebook ad to reach out to local beer drinking soccer fans.  Jim and the owner of the brewery were not familar with how to create a campaign so I told them I would come by and show them if I was permitted to record it as a training tool.  Below is the video.  Jim said they saw a significant increase in traffic and customers compared to the previous Saturdays.  

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Traffic & Conversions Summit 2017

WOW, that’s honestly all that needs to be said about the 2017 Traffic & Conversions Summit.  BUT, I’ll give you a little more:)  I can honestly say that I’ve never been to an event that packed so much into 3 days.  The value that was in the 20+ training’s I attended was more than anything from the prior 20 years times 10.  The vendors onsite were amazing and on point.  THEN when you factor in the brainstorming that went on in the 1-2-1 sessions I had with friends it’s hands down an event that I will do every year, twice if I could!