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Hawaii business owners and marketers, WHERE ARE YOU!

Do you need help using Facebook to reach customers?

Here one the few ads we’ve seen?

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The original chipotle

Live with agency owner Levi in the mile high city…and the city is literally high

Restaurant Direct Mail Marketing

?Restaurant Direct Mail vs Social Media?

You be the judge

In 2018 there are much more effective ways to drive sales to your restaurant!

Amazing Coffee Shop Marketing & In-Store Experience

☕️Restaurant Owners does your retail area make you money or take up valuable space???

@Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters are doing it RIGHT!

This also begs the question, is what you’re doing SHARE WORTHY? And if it is, is it an experience that will be repeated?

My 2nd Restaurant Marketing Book

Fireside Chat ?

My 2nd Book details ?

Working title “Put Butts In The Seats f Your Restaurant”

In this book will be talking about how to build, and cultivate a raving fan base. Then will be going over the eight tools you can use to take your restaurant marketing to the next level.

A Canadian Restaurant Stands Out

The food isn’t what’s unique, this is a VERY different feature at a restaurant ☎️

The Grizzly House in Bannf Alberta Canada

Restaurants – Unique Customer Service

Restaurant owners, here’s something I found it this restaurant that caught my attention.

As a father of a 16-year-old daughter and as a husband I can see where this would make it impact and depression and a time of need.