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Live With The Tater Keg Man Himself Mark Traaseth

Live With The Tater Keg Man Himself Mark Traaseth httpsi.ytimg .comviRk5rVUg0HCMhqdefault

Live With The Tater Keg Man Himself Mark Traaseth

Friday August 28th @ 3pm EST

Increasing your average check comes with having an item people MUST HAVE outside of their meal…ENTER THE TATER KEG!

I met Mark at a few restaurant shows and I was really impressed with their products and knowledge of what it takes for restaurants to succeed. In this interview we’re going to talk about the Tater Keg and what Mark see’s as the best way to present and outstanding add-on like this.

To see my 1st interview with Mark from March 2019 click below

Restaurant Marketing That Works Chapter 1

Restaurant Marketing That Works Chapter 1 httpsi.ytimg .comvilWtMCGrGLuYhqdefault

I’m writing a new book titled “Restaurant Marketing That Works – 101”

These videos will be you coming along for the ride with me, literally! I’m going to record each chapter as an audio file and then release one weekly until the book is done. There will be some words that don’t come out right and a little “rawness” to this, but It should be fun. This 1st episode was recorded while driving my daughter to college for her Freshman year…don’t worry she was in a different car and wasn’t subjected to cruel punishment of listing to me talk about restaurant marketing 🙂 My goal is to release a new chapter every Friday until the book is DONE!

The book is going to take it back to the basics and cover what I think is missing in restaurant marketing.

This is chapter 1, where I tell you WHY I’m writing this book and more importantly give you my background. I think my background is important since it frames where my expertise in restaurant marketing was created.

LINK FROM VIDEO – Below is the link to my story mentioned in the video

MP TV – Episode 22 – Bahama Bucks with Sue Tapp

MP TV – Episode 22 – Bahama Bucks with Sue Tapp httpsi.ytimg .comviph OslbtThohqdefault

Cool off with Matt and Sue Tapp, owner of a Bahama Bucks Franchise, as they discuss:
👶 Younger Employees
🚗 Drive-Through during Covid
💣 The Bomb-Pop – Innovating
💼 Crew and Training
👋 Reaching Out to Other Owners


Fatty’s Smokehouse Testimonial with Brian Picard

Fatty’s Smokehouse Testimonial with Brian Picard httpsi.ytimg .comviJe5twe2iP2ohqdefault

Brian Picard, owner of Fatty’s Smokehouse, has been our a client since October 2019 and he says its “one of my best experiences ever!” He’s seen MASSIVE results with our program. Check out everything we’ve done with his restaurant in the last year to grow his database, gain repeat customers, and increase his ROI!

Matt Plapp – Welcome To My YouTube Channel!

Matt Plapp – Welcome To My YouTube Channel! httpsi.ytimg .comvil H ygIwUCshqdefault

Welcome to my Youtube Channel!
We’re all about restaurants and easy restaurant marketing here, so grab a bite and settle in for all of the delicious treats we have for you! 😉

To start, I’m a Restaurant Marketing Consultant and I work with restaurants all over the world. This channel is all about that journey!

The journey is broken down into 3 parts
1. MPTV. This is a podcast that chronicles my interviews with restaurant owners and operators to find out what they’re doing to Make Profit and succeed.
2. ROI Engine. This is our program that helps restaurant owners and operators putt butts in their seats, build a database, and increase their ROI. We also throw in great Tips & Tricks, so make sure you’re subscribed for those!
3. Restaurant Expert Roundup. In these interviews, we talk to experts in the industry about how they’re helping restaurants, whether its financial, operational, marketing, etc.

Hit that subscribe button and get ready to Eliminate “Hope & Pray” from your Restaurant Marketing!

Can Your Restaurant Post Generate a MASSIVE Movement?

Can Your Restaurant Post Generate a MASSIVE Movement? httpsi.ytimg .comviwgiUL4z f10hqdefault

Can Your Restaurant Post Generate a MASSIVE Movement? This 1 Location Pizza Restaurant Did!


What if a simple picture of your food could generate a MASSIVE movement?

All marketing starts with REACH! During this campaign, we reached 53,329 people and made 245,093 impressions on them.

The next step is gaining ATTENTION from that reach! How does 5,162 post engagements sound?

After reach and attention, you need to find out WHO engaged! We gained 3,276 opt-ins. So, not only did these customers stop on and engage in our ad, BUT they asked to SPEND money at the restaurant and gave us their contact information.

Once we know who they are, we DRIVE them into the stores. In this case they came and spent $21,597 on 683 visits

THE FINAL step is LONG TERM NURTURE. You see, now that we have their info, we can target them via email, text, and ads REALLY easily. And if we can influence this list just 6 times per year, it will have an annual impact of $80,000+. The lifetime value of this list is well NORTH of $500,000!

SOOOO, when was the last time you spent $4,247.36 and got ALL of that?!

Live With The Restaurant Dessert King John McLaughlin

Live With The Restaurant Dessert King John McLaughlin httpsi.ytimg .comviXE3fKeS1hD4hqdefault

🍪🍰Live With The Restaurant Dessert King John McLaughlin🍪🍰

Tune in LIVE Monday August 24th @ 3pm EST

John is the Regional Sales Manager at Sweet Street and they provide AMAZING desserts to restaurants all over the US

I first met John while eating WAYYYY too many samples at his booth at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. We hit it off right away because we spoke the same language with regards to INCREASING check size for restaurants.

We are going to dig into their products, LITERALLY, he sent me a HUGE box! And we are going to talk about how restaurants can up-sell and increase check averages.

Click below to see our conversation from May 2019

Smoothie Shop Case Study

Smoothie Shop Case Study httpsi.ytimg .comvi xXZXNNCNfUhqdefault

Smoothie Shop Case Study


In a few weeks, we’ve gained some crazy results for this 1 location smoothie shop!

For $245.15 in Instagram & Facebook ads, we’ve gained the following:
– 385 Customer Email Opt-Ins
– 365 Customer Text Opt-Ins
– 351 Customer Birthday Opt-ins
– 41,719 ad impressions
– 657 paid customer ad engagements
– 617 organic customer ad engagements
– 27 post shares
– 61 Customers Visited (15.8%)
– 41% of the customers who visited told us they were LOST CUSTOMERS

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