Insuring Your Restaurant Properly & Mindset

It’s episode #124 of Restaurant Expert Roundup and this time around we’re talking insurance and mindset.

David is the owner of Bar and Restaurant and the host of “Bar and Restaurant” podcast.


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Own Their Phones – Episode 2 – Offer Your Customers Something FREE!

Don’t be afraid to offer your customers something for FREE!

In this episode of Own Their Phones, Matt & Shawn dive into awakening the beast of Digital Restaurant Marketing.

Learn more about:
– Offering FREE Food
– Omnipresence
– Spending Money To Make Money
– Invoking Customer Action
– The Power Of Customer Attention

Check out episode one of Own Their Phones @

#owntheirphones #restaurantmarketingideas #restaurantowner

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Let’s take this massive check to the bank! While this is a fun & entertaining video, there’s one key takeaway I want you to take away from this video.


My Dad got to take home this MASSIVE check and of course, I get to deposit it!

Not only did the check serve a purpose during the presentation, but It was also an amazing way for his group to gain attention when taking pictures and videos!

This check will stop the scroll!

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This Restaurant Owner GREW His Business During The Pandemic!

Travis GREW his business during the pandemic. He didn’t run. He didn’t hide. He took the opportunity to run harder and faster because he knew the success of his business was in his hands. In this episode of MP TV, I chat it up with Travis to learn more about his story and the steps he took to build a successful BBQ Restaurant.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
– What the future holds for Delta Blues
– How Travis grew during the pandemic
– What Travis has learned over the years
– Why location matters
– What he learned at BBQ competitions

All this AND MORE on this episode of MP TV

Find Travis here:

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Deliver Exceptional Customer Service In Your Restaurant

It’s episode # 123 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup and in this episode we chat with Dr Kelly Henry .

Dr. Henry is the author of Define and Deliver Exceptional Customer Service. He
specializes in customer retention and we’re going to talk about how to can THRIVE vs survive in today’s economy.


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Delivering The Digital Restaurant – Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn

It’s episode 122 of the Expert Restaurant Roundup.

In this episode we’re chatting with Meredith Sandland and Carl Orsbourn, the authors of Delivering the Digital Restaurant.

We’re going to dig into two topics:
1st – How the future will make delivery work better for everyone
2nd – The changing consumer – why delivery is here to stay


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Own Their Phones – Episode 1 – Shawn Neglected 25,000 People?!

The day is here! The premiere of my new podcast series with Shawn Walchef, CEO Of Cali BBQ Media! Tune into this FIRE episode jam packed actionable items to own your customers’ phones!

The Own Their Phones Podcast is focused on the journey of a new partnership I have formed with Shawn. We have started this podcast for one main reason – Helping you own your customers’ phones.

By practicing the tactics we preach it will play a huge role in your success as a business owner and this podcast will show you that first hand as we dive into Shawn’s BBQ restaurant.

In this episode we cover:
The concept of Own Their Phones
Shawn’s biggest curse
Getting laughed at for telling your story
25,000 people Shawn has neglected
FREE marketing
The ABR Acronym
Why your customers don’t come back

Follow the journey of our new series at

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A Restaurant So Great, I HAD To Go Back!

Last week we took a trip to Covington to visit Paul Miller and had such an amazing time, we HAD to go back.

Take a trip to Bircus with me as we talk about the power of content, eat some AMAZING pizza, & Paul’s experience creating new craft beer for his local community!

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