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I want you to go to this website:

This page is updated daily with live questions that we ask restaurants!

I want to teach you how to outsmart your competition! So check out my channel to watch the full episode!

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This one piece of paper means so much to me!

Before I ever wrote my book I attended a seminar to help the process and wrote down my ideas on one piece of paper.

Not only did I keep this paper all these years, but I acted on what I wrote down!

For the full BTS video check out my channel!

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Don’t Leave Your Restaurant Employees BEHIND

Are you leaving people behind in your restaurant due to a lack of training or understanding their goals?

In todays Expert Restaurant Roundup, Episode 128, we talk with Justin Khanna

Justin is the host of “The Repertoire Podcast” (Formerly “The Emulsion Podcast”) and the founder of “Repertoire,” a company that provides cohort-based courses, original content, and coaching for hospitality creators that want to build, impact, and profit in the industry.

Something that stuck out to me was one of Justin’s goals with his podcast, “to get at the heart of what makes people excel, and he hopes to ask the questions that no one else asks.”

This is top of mind for me since it SMACKED me in the face this week. While at an event this week I heard an example of a kid playing baseball for the 1st time and how that journey can take a few different paths.



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You have 2 Choices…

When it comes to competing with the big corporate restaurants, there are two choices…

Outspend them
Outsmart them

For most independently operated restaurants outspending is not financially feasible, But luckily it’s not too hard to outsmart them😎

ABR is ready to put in the work, and we have shown many times that we can hang with the big dogs💪🔥

The full episode of Own Their Phones is on my channel!

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MP TV with Matt Plapp – Creating Engaging Conversation!

In episode 119 of MP TV were talking about July! I’m going to give you a deep dive into how my brain works and different opportunities for successful restaurant marketing throughout the month. Sure, you’re probably saying “the month is almost over” and you’re right, but if I told you what to do next month it would be too easy!

In this podcast you can expect to hear about:
– How to outsmart your completion.
– The correct way to use social media to promote a holiday.
– Ways to create a conversation with your fanbase.
– What’s to come for our social media guide.
– And much more!

Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts so you never miss an episode of MPTV!

Check out my channel for even more restaurant marketing content!

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This Is How I Got My Lamborghini…

In this BTS episode, I take one of America’s Best Restaurant’s new hires, Greg Hutson, On a tour of my office decor. These pieces of artwork are more than just that, they tell MY story! Everything from my first family business to my first book is featured on the walls of my office!

In this episode you will hear:

– How I got my start.
– Where I took inspiration for my first book.
– The Story behind “I KNOW MATT PLAPP”
– And much more!

For even more restaurant marketing content, subscribe to my channel!

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Trading Donuts?

Trading Donuts?


As the KING of trade, I had to be different! Bringing donuts in is a way to set me apart from my competition!

For the full MPTV episode check out my channel!

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We want the attention and engagement of our followers on social media, so how do we get it?


Check out the rest of this episode and the breakdown of impressions on my channel!

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The harder you work the luckier you get!

Sounds weird, right!?

People who don’t have good luck aren’t exposing themselves to failure enough, so get off your ass and do more!

Check out more FIRE content here!:

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