Just having good food is not enough to have a successful restaurant…

Just having good food is not enough to have a successful restaurant…

You have to understand the business and marketing side of your restaurant as much or more than the food.

Money follows attention, and if you cant capture your audience’s attention the quality of your food will not save you.

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Let’s Talk About Franchising Your Restaurant OR WHY Not To.

Should you franchise your restaurant?

How do you know if it’s a good idea or if you’re ready?

In episode 131 we talk with Gary Occhiogrosso, the founder of Franchise Growth Solutions.

Gary specializes in guiding and assisting start-ups, emerging & mature franchise companies toward reaching their goals.

He’s been in the Franchise Growth Solutions business for 34 years and is the host of the MasterMind Minutes podcast.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/gary-occhiogrosso
Instagram: www.instagram.com/_franchisegrowthsolutions_
Website: www.franchisegrowthsolutions.com

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We want the focus to be on YOU!

We want the focus to be on YOU!

And I know this is what sets us out from our competition…

Our mission is to help your restaurant tell its story in a powerful and impactful way that resonates with your customers!

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Frequency makes a BIG impact!

Sometimes positive results in advertising depend on this one aspect…


People tend to give up after putting in a slight amount of effort and not seeing results.

If you do more and up your frequency, positive results will happen!

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I asked and you answered!

I asked and you answered!

In a recent post, I ask you to comment what apps you spend the most time on so we can help restaurant owners understand the importance of social media!

Oh yeah, we also picked 2 lucky commenters to win $100!

Our winners are Trevor Jones & Nathan Praetor

Reach out to me at Matt@mattplapp.com so we can get you your money!

More contests coming soon! Follow me where you see this so you don’t miss the next one.

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Restaurant Hiring Issues….Hire To WIN!

Let’s talk Restaurant Hiring & Retention

In episode #130 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup we talk with Tatiyana Cure.

Tatiyana is the Author of “Hire To Win” and Director of Talent and Human Resources at Zuum Transportation

She’s not solely a restaurant person, but has partnered with managers in various industries, including restaurants.

You can connect with Tatiyana on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/tatiyanacure

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Having Greg join our team is like a match made in heaven!

Having Greg join our team is like a match made in heaven!

He has been traveling the world with the WWE always aspiring to be on a food show, and America’s Best Restaurants is practically in his backyard!

click the link below to hear how we’re combining Greg’s love for food and announcing with America’s Best Restaurants:


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Are your competitors outpacing you?

Every second you let off the gas in business or even in life, your competitors are getting closer to your customers.

Stay on the GAS PEDAL!

Know, Like & Trust!

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Outspend OR Outsmart your competition!

When it comes to competing with the big corporate restaurants, there are two choices…

Outspend them
Outsmart them

For most independently operated restaurants outspending is not financially feasible, But luckily it’s not too hard to outsmart them😎

ABR is ready to put in the work, and we have shown many times that we can hang with the big dogs💪🔥

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How To Use Video Marketing On Social Media For Your Restaurant

Time to give MASSIVE props to one of my team and give YOU a chance to level up your restaurant.

1st – Big props to Doug Smith from my team. I walked over to him, and in 1 sentence asked for him to record a video for our client membership site about his video journey, what came out of 1 take was ABSOLUTE fire!

2nd – Tips like this are what you’ll find every Monday on are LIVE webinars at 3pm ET. Once you register you also get added to our FREE online membership site 100% dedicated to teaching restaurant owners HOW TO DOMINATE.

Click below to register

At America’s Best Restaurants we are on a path to help restaurants out smart the big brands. We are arming you with tactical advise that will help you up your marketing game and become the most marketed restaurant in your region, which is what it takes to THRIVE!

Once you Click below to register for the webinar, you’ll also get access to our online portal and access to a private Facebook group of top notch owners ONLY. Not a group with terrible questions from bad operators or sales pitches from companies in china, a group that is 100% for you!


Register and I’ll see you at 3pm.

Oh, and here’s Doug’s video tip in full, if you’re not a member join…

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