CRAZY Good Catering From Little Italy Pizza In Groveport Ohio!

Let’s head on over to Little Italy Pizza in Groveport Ohio and join Avery, the owner who is spicing things up with his delicious slices of pizza! Not only does he have one of the most mouth-watering pizzas around town – but get this: He has started implementing a new catering strategy that’s helping him reach bigger and better corporate clients.

We’ll chat business, try out some amazing meatballs prepared by our host himself & take a peek at his new location while we’re there! Get ready for an epic journey because something tells me this won’t be our last visit to see Avery & Little Italy Pizzeria…

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Customer Loyalty | The Solution to Restaurant Sales and Profitability?

As a restaurant marketing expert, I’ve spoken to hundreds of owners about their greatest frustrations. Did you know that the same 3 obstacles surface over and over? Low sales, low profits, and difficulties finding quality employees – sound familiar? 

The truth is these problems all have one potential solution in common: building customer loyalty! Restaurants want more repeat customers but often fail at retaining them for multiple visits. That’s why if restaurants can establish loyal patrons as part of their core business model they are likely to see an uptick in both sales AND profitability along with access to high-quality staff members who stick around longer than average.

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How To Not Get Customer Feedback For Your Restaurant

So, we all know the importance of customer reviews for restaurants. You want to know what’s working and what’s not.

And more importantly you want the feedback to make changes, like the ones I’m going to show you.

🤯 Clean Your Sidewalk
🤯 Clean Your Dining Room
🤯 Remove Old Tape From Your Windows

Instead of using the tactic Dairy Queen did to “attempt” to gain customer reviews, reach out to my friends at Ovation for a solution that actually works.

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Restaurant Owners Cannot Afford To Neglect These Marketing Strategies

We rounded off the Florida Restaurant and Lodging show with a great MP TV! I had an amazing conversation with David “Rev” Ciancio, restaurant marketing specialist and independent restaurateur.

We delved into strategies that can aid single-unit restaurants to build success comparable to franchises as well as how to spend a modest budget for maximum reach in today’s competitive market. Furthermore, Rev shared his wisdom on what elements will help small eateries maximize their potential customer base.

Tune in – there was much more revealed exclusively tailored towards helping independent restaurants thrive!

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What the HELL David Schlotter do at America’s Best Restaurants?

In this episode of “What The Hell Do You Do Here” I finally get the opportunity to hear about what David ACTUALLY does at America’s Best Restaurants!

You can expect to hear about:
– How David found America’s Best Restaurants and came on board.
– The growth he’s had going from part-time to the Director of Marketing.
– How he’s taking America’s Best Restaurants to the next level!

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Handling NEGATIVE Reviews | HOW??

MP TV is on the road again and this time we’re coming at you from Orlando Florida with my man Zack Oates, the CEO of Ovation!

We dive into:
What Ovation is and what they provide for their clients.
The impact negative reviews online can have on a restaurant.
How to handle negative reviews, and get them off the internet.
The importance of responding to all reviews, including positive reviews!
Much more.

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ABR Thanksgiving Food Drive

In 2007 I had the vision of giving back to my community and helping those in need around Thanksgiving, and in year one my wife and our two kids worked together to help a handful of families by providing Thanksgiving meal essentials. Fifteen years later what started out as helping a few families with meals has transformed into a food drive that has an extensive reach in our community. This year with the support of everyone who donated we were able to break our record and create over 300 meals for those in need.

A food drive of this magnitude wouldn’t be possible without having a circle of friends and family that believe as strongly as myself and are willing to not only donate their money but also their time. I would also like to extend a special thank you to Meijer for supporting our food drive.

Thank you.

#ThanksgivingFoodDrive #GivingBack #CommunitySupport

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