Your restaurant’s birthday offers are probably lame…

Offer something badass!

You want me to celebrate in your restaurant because it’s not just me! It’s my whole family coming with me!

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Follow Your Instincts!

This should be INSTINCTIVE!

Taking your phone out and shooting content in your restaurant!

It’s all part of telling your story and connecting with your customers.

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My Origin Story

This is how I started my nationwide marketing firm!

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Set Up Your Voicemail!

It should be easy to do business with you!

Remove the simple barriers- like not having a voicemail set up to give your customers a pain free experience!

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I changed the way I ate…

My traffic pattern changed and so did my eating pattern!

I ate at Barleycorns every week until I switched my driving pattern!

Ask yourself this “what I am doing to retain my customers aside from having an open sign?”

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Swing For For The Fences

Take risks and swing for the fences!

It’s the only way your business will grow enough to keep up with the world around you!

Take your business to the next level and click the links below!:

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This Caught Me Off Guard!

Don’t forget to have a bit of fun in life! Just the other day, someone randomly mentioned my name and it made me chuckle.

It definitely caught me off guard, but it was pretty hilarious.

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24/7 Camera Man!

Why would I want someone filming me 24/7??

There are knowledge and learning opportunities for restaurant and business owners in those day-to-day moments that I want to share!

Click the link below to hear more about how we’re telling my story!

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“What Should I Post?”

Want to know what you should be posting on your restaurant’s social media page?

Save this post, follow the tips, and watch your engagement skyrocket!

For more tips click the links below:

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