Why your Black Friday sales SUCKED in 2023!

Did your Black Friday sales fall flat? You might be surprised to learn that shouting at everyone to buy something could actually result in talking to no one!🚫 In Episode 433, I dive into the crucial strategy of targeting customer demographics and how this can significantly boost sales campaigns, including on Black Friday. Tune in to discover the power of personalized communication and maximize your sales potential!

Listen Now: https://mattplapp.live/RMS

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Restaurant Owners NEED To Grow Their Contact List!

Don’t underestimate the power of reaching out to your customers and inviting them to take action! Whether it’s donating to a good cause or simply sending out a personalized message inviting them into your restaurant!

Lastly don’t forget to keep track of your list’s growth. Check out my RGA Guide for a more in-depth way to track your list/database growth!


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Let me teach you one simple way to get customer engagement for your restaurant!

We all know where our customers hang out online, so it’s time to start getting their attention! And just so you know, posting a picture of your food doesn’t count as engaging with customers. Check out my podcast to hear the story of Louis who did something different and got a ton of people talking on Facebook!


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STOP sending so many emails!

How many emails from a brand in 4 days would make you unsubscribe? I’m curious to hear some answers because I’m saying seven in four days was way too many!

Attract, Build, RETAIN! You’re not going to be able to retain me if you stalk me to the point of unsubscribing!

LISTEN TO THE FULL EP HERE – https://mattplapp.live/RMS

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