The Heroes of Hospitality: Transforming the Restaurant Industry with Matt Plapp & Kamron Karington

‘THE HEROES OF HOSPITALITY’ | Join us on a journey through the innovative landscapes of restaurant marketing. Discover how Matt Plapp and Kamron Karington, through their unique visions and relentless drive, have become pivotal figures in revolutionizing the hospitality industry. Their story is more than a tale of business success; it’s a testament to the power of creativity and leadership in transforming the restaurant marketing experience nationwide.


In ‘THE HEROES OF HOSPITALITY,’ a compelling five-part documentary series delves into the lives and innovations of Matt Plapp, CEO of America’s Best Restaurants, and Kamron Karington, the brain behind Repeat Returns. It features a range of personal stories, expert insights, and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, highlighting the merger and impact these leaders have on the restaurant industry.

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This restaurant needs a RECOVERY strategy🫨😬

No one ever said it would be easy! Creating daily podcasts to help you (independent restaurant owners) has its challenges but I love what I do! Check out ep. 495 to hear about a restaurant that is down 50% and how you can avoid making the same mistakes!

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How important is email marketing for a restaurant?

We asked Google so you dont have to! It’s your key to connecting directly with your customers. But first, you need to know who they are. Start by collecting meaningful customer data. With this in hand, you can shine a spotlight on your amazing community, and hardworking staff, and share your unique journey. Remember, your restaurant isn’t just a place to eat – it’s an integral part of a larger story… YOUR COMMUNITY!

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Your emails are not getting seen! Google changed the rules for 2024

🚨Warning!🚨 In 2024, your unbranded business emails ending in @gmail/@yahoo, etc. are destined for the spam folder! Are you ready to vanish from your customers’ inboxes?

If you’ve been banking on email marketing and collecting customer data, this shift could spell disaster. Your hard work could now amount to zero visibility!

Turn the tables NOW! Create a branded email using your website’s URL and ensure your brand remains visible and valued. Don’t let your business become a ghost in the inbox! #EmailMarketing #BrandedEmails #shorts

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Transform your restaurant with one click…

Not all promotions are created equal! That’s where the RGA guide can help! With specific strategies to engage New, Lost, and Frequent customers you can guarantee your promotions will find the right customers! Click the link below and grab your copy of the RGA Guide👇

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These 3 steps will transform your restaurant in 2024!

Imagine this: It’s the end of 2024. Your restaurant is PACKED with happy customers. How did you get here? Three words: Attract, Build, Retain. 🚀

Attract isn’t just about offering amazing food. It’s about turning heads online and being a key member of your community for other reasons than your food.

Build? That’s all about creating loyalty. Use data wisely, curate offers that resonate, and make your restaurant ‘the’ place to be. Build a killer database you can call on for the right reasons.

Retaining is about nurturing a conversation that never ends. Be a vibrant part of your community online and offline. Because your restaurant is more than a dining spot. Stay relevant to your customers for more reasons than just your food.

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The BIG Merge: Repeat Returns and America’s Best Restaurants UNITE!

We’re thrilled to share a milestone in our company’s journey. For years, we’ve been at the forefront of helping restaurants attract customers, but we always felt something was missing. Now, we’re completing the puzzle with our latest acquisition: Repeat Returns.

This move is more than just an expansion; it’s the missing piece that ties together customer acquisition and technology, enhancing the restaurant experience from start to finish. Repeat Returns is not just a product; it’s a game-changer in understanding customer lifetime value and enhancing their journey.

Our Vivid Vision, boldly set in 2020, was to revolutionize restaurant marketing and customer experience. As we step into this new chapter, we’re not just celebrating our growth but also the opportunities it brings to both our team and our clients.

Join us as we embark on this thrilling journey, breaking new ground in the loyalty platform space and creating unmatched value for independent restaurants. Here’s to a future where every interaction counts, and every customer journey is a story worth telling.

Stay tuned as the America’s Best Restaurants & Repeat Returns teams unite and roadmap the future of restaurant marketing as a whole. While the integrations are in development and not yet live, we are excited to announce them soon, marking a new era in the hospitality industry.

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Ditch your unbranded email or become invisible to your customers!

In 2024 business emails that end in @gmail / @yahoo etc. will now be sent to spam… But what does this mean for your business?

If you’ve been collecting customer data and relying on email marketing then your efforts will now be for nothing.

Create a branded email that uses your website’s URL!

Check out ep. 466 of Restaurant Marketing Secrets to learn more about the changes you can expect for email marketing in 2024. (link in bio)

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