Your restaurant’s email marketing is FAILING for one reason #restaurantindustry #restaurantmarketing

The same marketing strategy that worked for Nike in 1964 is still EXACTLY what your restaurant should be doing today.

You need to go beyond just getting customer emails and find out their name, birthday, phone number, and visit frequency so you can have a more personal relationship with them!

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Why your restaurant’s social media doesn’t get ENGAGEMENT! #restaurantindustry #restaurantmarketing


All you do is shout ” BUY BUY BUY” and everyone is tuning you out! Guess what- The algorithm knows people aren’t interacting with your content and will now be showing your content to fewer and fewer followers. So before you blame the algorithm for suppressing you, look at what you are posting and think “Will my audience want to have a conversation about this” or “Is this entertaining”. I’m willing to bet that 9/10 times it’s probably just an ad for your food 🤐

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Stop doing this type of couponing if you want to make a profit at your restaurant!

Your loyal customers dont need a discount to keep coming back and by doing so you’re handing over profits! Instead, you should be running ad campaigns on Facebook with exclusions for those who have already redeemed. Not only do you avoid handing over profits but you also gain customer data- WIN WIN!

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How your Mom & Pop can compete against BIG CHAINS

After a long drive to and from Chicago, one thing became very clear… Independent restaurants cannot survive against big brands when it comes to traditional media.

Every exit was littered with billboards for every fast-food restaurant you could think and they all had a massive budget to do so.

But how does an independent restaurant compete with these brands? By dominating the billboard that everyone carries in their pocket- SMARTPHONES!

Check out these foolproof campaign ideas and check out the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast in my bio for the full list!

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How to get more 1 star reviews on Google!

Who doesn’t want more 1 star reviews for their restaurant?!

Seriously tho! Doesn’t it make more sense to handle unsatisfied customers offline to resolve their issues and only allow satisfied customers to leave a review?

Click the link in my bio to check out the full episode on the Restaurant Marketing Secrets podcast!

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The marketing opportunity that exists for restaurants today is a GOLD MINE!

With so many powerful ways to reach customers on a personal level, it is time to take action! Click the link in my bio and check out my daily podcast- Restaurant Marketing Secrets! The goal of this podcast is simple👇
To help restaurant owners find more frequent customers and double their sales! Let’s get there together 🤝

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Do people need to see a picture of your food every time they get on Facebook?

Do the fans of your restaurant need to see a picture of your food every time they get on Facebook, Instagram, etc? The answer is NO.

People use social media to be ENTERTAINED! They use social media to have connections, create conversations, and dive into their passions. Ask yourself- “How does a picture of my restaurant’s food fit into that equation?”

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