A Client Cancelled Our Services – Who’s Crazy Me Or Them?

Last week a client cancelled their marketing agreement with us, and I think based on the results they are not only CRAZY but out of their mind! Overall our client retention is about 98% month over month, and at the end of the day the cancellation isn’t a huge deal, but it still drives me crazy when I see a terrible decision being made.

Restaurants traditionally suck at marketing and sales, and what we were doing for them was CRUSHING it in every aspect. When a client cancels our services, I look at it as us failing to show them the depth of our value. I also view it as us contributing to their closure at some point, since I know without a doubt, we are their best option.

BUT, maybe it’s me that’s CRAZY? It’s possible 🙂

So I decided to bring in a non-biased set of eyes. I’m going LIVE with the best mind in the business, David Scott Peters, to dig into the results and spend to see what he thinks.

DSP is by far one of the smartest restaurant consultants out there and I know I’ll get his unbiased opinion.

I’m not prepping him AT ALL, when you see the clients results live, it will be the 1st time he’s seeing it as well. I’m looking for another set of eyes on something that absolutely floored me so that I can get someone else’s perspective and find out WHO’S OUT OF THEIR MIND….me or the restaurant owner.

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