Trading Donuts?

Trading Donuts?


As the KING of trade, I had to be different! Bringing donuts in is a way to set me apart from my competition!

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We want the attention and engagement of our followers on social media, so how do we get it?


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The harder you work the luckier you get!

Sounds weird, right!?

People who don’t have good luck aren’t exposing themselves to failure enough, so get off your ass and do more!

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Peace Love & Little Donuts set themselves apart from the competition because they have badass people like Ryan doing things like this…


No, I’m not talking about just hoping and praying people talk about his donuts!

He’s out in the community delivering free donuts and getting them in the hands of the people!

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Money follows attention, and that’s exactly how I met Ryan Yauger aka The KING of Donuts!

Ryan has a BADASS approach to marketing Peace Love & Little Donuts and when I found out about it I knew I had to have him in the studio!

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Someone ran their car into the restaurant…

Someone ran their car into the restaurant… And they made a video out of it!

Anything and everything is video content

This restaurant owner knows that, and that’s the lesson that we’re teaching to The Turf Club in this meeting!

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How do you market your business?

You should be creating free content with your phone!

Everyone has a phone, so use it to tell YOUR brand’s story.

What topic should I cover next? Drop a comment and let me know!

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Negotiating Your Restaurants Commercial Lease & Renewal

Let’s talk about restaurant leases and renewals today.

In episode Episode 126 we talk to Dale Willerton about this super important topic.

Dale is the author of “Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummies” and the owner of

He’s an authority on lease negotiation for tenets!


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Own Their Phones – Episode 4 – Outsmarting Your Competition!

If you can’t outspend your competition how can you outsmart them?

In this episode of Own Their Phones, Shawn and I dig into outsmarting the completion by driving engagement on social media while simultaneously creating brand loyalty that will last a lifetime!

Learn more about:

– Creating a killer VIP list
– Outspending or Outsmarting
– Customer Impressions
– Brand Loyalty

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