The Secret to Overhauling Your Restaurant | Attract New Customers

Join us as we delve into three remarkable ways that acronyms can overhaul a restaurant’s presence by taking advantage of social media and database management. Follow the journey of Matt Plapp as he helps others harness the power of acronyms to revolutionize their social media strategies, build a customer database, and enhance satisfaction across the board. Get ready to be inspired by the incredible transformations that occur when acronyms take center stage in the digital world!


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Build a WINNING team!

Want a team that sticks with you? ➡️

As the leader, it’s your role to inspire and mentor your employees, helping them see the broader vision!➡️

Check out the full podcast linked below to learn how to lead your employees on your company’s journey!

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Let’s fix your restaurant’s loyalty program!

Does your loyalty program suck?

It probably does if you don’t use it correctly!

Check out the podcast links below to take your loyalty program from pathetic to incredible:

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This book added 7 figures to my business!

A $25 book gave me the knowledge to add seven figures to my business! Talk about ROI

Check out the full video linked below to find out what books you need to be reading to grow your business, improve sales, and crush marketing!

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The Importance of Giving 100% Attention in the Restaurant Industry and Beyond!

Shaheen, a former renowned restaurant owner, recently gave an interview where he shared insights and experiences from his time in the industry. In the interview, Shaheen emphasized the importance of giving 100% attention to your job when it requires it. This advice applies not only to restaurant owners but to anyone in any profession. It serves as a reminder to always prioritize our tasks and give them our full dedication.

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This package shocked us all

Do you want to get someone’s attention? Then you have to stand out!! @buckeyebrownies sent us one hell of a care package and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to react to it on camera!

Ask yourself- What are you doing in your business to stand out?

#buckeyebrownie #onepoundbrownie #brownie

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SERIOUS restaurant entertainment!

I was sitting at dinner with my family playing a fun trivia game the restaurant had on the TV… and a couple of days later I learn that it was @loopforbusiness

Check out the link below to learn more about what we uncovered at the National Restaurant Association show!

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Your restaurant can do this for FREE!

Social media boosts online visibility and reaches potential customers without spending money!

Engaging content and relevant hashtags build brand presence.

Build your restaurant’s marketing plan with my free video course linked below:

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