We took the chat room space by STORM!

My employees were already passionate about being in these chat rooms, but I came up with a way to use them for the business pre-Facebook!

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5 sales went through the roof

W went old-school with this pizza shop marketing!

By taking the product to the customer we were able to send their sales through the roof!

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It Doesn’t Cost Anything…

It doesn’t cost anything…

To be ALL OVER social media and in front of your potential customers!

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I had to figure out why our computers were getting viruses but it lead to something much bigger…

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Are Your Employees Branded?

Are your employees representing your brand?

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Respond To All Reviews!

The focus is to always respond to negative reviews!

But ask yourself this- Would you ignore someone who was trying to compliment your food?

It’s important to engage with ALL of your reviews!

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Starting A Company?!

This is how I got my start in restaurant marketing!

I was lucky enough to be at the forefront of the internet revolution and I saw a unique opportunity to take full advantage of it!

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#mattplapp #startingabusiness

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Don’t Feel Guilty

If you believe in your vision then there is no reason to feel guilty!

Sometimes your journey can take months or even years- so remember to ease up on yourself for the small things!

For more motivation click the links below


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Outside the box!

Take the marketing to your customers!

Think outside the box and listen to Episode 202 linked below:

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Planted Virus!

This is what got me to where I am today!

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