100th Episode – Restaurant Expert Roundup With Author Michael Attias

100 Episodes!!!

Pretty exciting to say that this is #100 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup Series!

What started in June 2020 as a way to connect with authors and podcasters in the restaurant biz turned into a library of AMAZING content for America’s Best Restaurants University.

Today’s GUEST #100 is Michael Attias, the author of Cater or Die and President/Founder of CaterZen.

I want to talk about some TIPS & TRICKS to OUT SMARTING your competition on Catering.

You can connect with Michael on LinkedIn & Email Below:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/catering1
Email: Michael@CaterZen.com

* America’s Best Restaurant University is not an actual university. We provide training and insight for restaurants throughout America but we do not offer degree programs.

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Fire With Dad

Today we talk about restaurants that STAND OUT and what YOU can do to play in the BLUE OCEAN….and we’ll discuss the time Dad almost got beat up at Dick’s Last Resort

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Restaurant Expert Round-up With Author Matt Rolfe

Matt is the Author of You Can’t Do It Alone and a Hospitality Leadership Coach.

This is our first interview and I’m looking forward to getting to know him a little better.

You can connect with Matt on LinkedIn & IG below:

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MPTV-101 Stop having one night stands with customers!

On today’s podcast 🎤 Matt talks 🗣 about how he wants businesses to stop 🛑 having one night stands with their customers. Matt shares that there are multiple ➕ ways to stop this from happening. By not having 🚫“one night stands” with customers, your business gains📈 the opportunity to have recurring visits.💰

🎥There is a giant hole in the industry
🎥Stop having one night stands with your customers
🎥Its 2022, you better have a mobile friendly website
🎥Get people in the door
🎥Offer your customers something
🎥Create the opportunity to get their information

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Welcome To My Channel – Restaurant Owners, Learn To Attract, Build, & Retain Your Customers

We all have a dream to be successful and make an impact in our communities. I’m on one mission; help independent restaurant owners do just that – find more frequent customers! Learn more here: https://americasbestrestaurants.com/work-with-us

Learn the secrets to growing your restaurant by attracting attention, building a database and retaining customers at go.mattplapp.com/link

Visit America’s Best Restaurants: https://www.youtube.com/americasbestrestaurants

#americasbestrestaurants #restaurantmarketing #restaurantowner

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Restaurant Deep Dive With David Ross Of Hillcrest Foods

Who better to go DEEP with than the source! Hillcrest Foods supplies restaurants LIKE YOURS all over Northern Ohio with everything they need to create the amazing experiences customers have when they dine-out.

Let’s dig in DEEP with David Ross of Hillcrest Foods to find out what he’s seeing and hearing in the BIZ!

David is the Chief Sales Officer at Hillcrest Foods and the host of the “RestaurantTopia” Podcast

You can find David online at:

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/david-ross-b6b39175
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/restauranttopia

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Fire With Dad 🏀

Today we talk about the time we were eavesdropping on Mike D’Antoni and a BIG NAME college 🏀 BBall 🏀 coach in Vegas.

It’s a funny story with a business twist

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MP TV 99 – Chris Braden Podcast

On today’s podcast Matt has a conversation with Chris Braden 🎤 . Chris has been media marketing for several years 🕰 , he has worked for multiple media sources including Iheart radio 📻 and ESPN 🏈 . Tune❗️in to this episode to 👂🏻about the changes in media market📲 that have occurred over the years.
🎤 Marketing media has changed!
🎤Businesses haven’t adapted…has yours?
🎤It all compliments
🎤it’s all about touches
🎤no one needs a 60 second
🎤 A Lot of businesses struggle with the basics

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