Cracking the Code: Restaurant Marketing Secrets!

Ever noticed who hustles the hardest? Restaurant owners! 🍽️ Discover my podcast, ‘Restaurant Marketing Secrets,’ your guide to forging strong connections between restaurant owners and their dream customers. 🎙️ Let’s fill those tables!

Click the link below to listen now:

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Cheers to Your Valued Restaurant Customers! 🥂🍽️

It’s essential to find your SUPER USERS

Check out this episode of OTP and listen to @shawnpwalchef break down the importance of celebrating your restaurant’s biggest supporters!
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EVERYTHING you need to see from the National Restaurant Show!

🗣️Missed the National Restaurant Show in Chicago? Catch up fast! I’ve got interviews with top vendors including one with Ron from Global Dispense. Check out the full video with the link below:

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Speak directly to your restaurants target audience!

You have the power to reach your target audience where they spend all of their time!

Think about it🤔
If 99.9% of your customers are spending their time on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and all of those platforms are free to post on then you can talk directly to your target audience—

The trick is to create a social media strategy that doesn’t SUCK! Check out the full podcast linked below, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts!

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Come to the National Buffalo Wing Festival!

Who can I expect to see this year at Highmark Stadium for The National Buffalo Wing Festival? Comment below if you want to go! @buffalowingfestival

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This podcast WILL help your restaurant!

Own Their Phones podcast isnt just a “TO-DO” list for restaurant owners. We cover real-world examples from our lives and businesses to help independent restaurants take the path of least resistance to →


Watch Now👇

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Are you numb to your restaurant?

Sometimes the best way to improve your business is to get a second set of eyes➡️

You see your restaurant every day and become numb to the small details!➡️

All those small details add up in the eyes of your consumers making it critical to address them!

To hear the full episode and hear more tips for restaurant marketing, click the links below:

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The latest buzz in the restaurant industry!

Discover the latest buzz in the restaurant industry at the NRA Show 2023! We connected with passionate restaurant owners and vendors to bring you the hottest trends. Stay tuned for exclusive insights and get ready to be inspired! #NRAshow2023 #RestaurantTrends

Check out the link below to see everything we uncovered at the NRA Show!

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Understanding your food cost | Critical!

Attention restaurant owners: Understanding your food costs is crucial!

It’s senseless to sell a pizza at a loss. To create promotions or BOGO deals, choose items that won’t cut into your profits. Don’t miss out on the profits you deserve!

Click the link below to check out my free marketing training videos and learn more about running a successful marketing promotion today:

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