Live With Michael Chernow Co-founder of The Meatball Shop

Michael is a restauranteur, entrepreneur, father and podcaster.

I want to talk with Michael about how YOU, restaurant owners, can get out of the kitchen and your 4-walls and get into your OWN HEAD!

I want to talk about the lack to fitness and nutrition in the restaurant business. Plus I want to dig into want it takes to STACK daily WINS!

We’re going to talk about his morning routine, how he works on his mind and his WIDE range of guests he’s had on his podcast from CrossFit Games Athlete Josh Bridges to my one my favorite authors, Gino Wickman.

We’re also going to dig into REPLACING bad habits with great ones, and also something I’m a fan of, eliminating micro decisions.

Michael is the host of the Kreatures of Habit podcast, the founder of Seamore’s, the founder of The Meatball Shop and Co-author of “The Meatball Shop Cookbook.


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Using Video To Talk Directly To Your Customers!

On the road again but this time MP TV is in Las Vegas! This special episode is taking place at a real estate conference but my guest, Sharon McCormick, and I are both from Cincinnati! Not only that but we both worked in radio, and went to the same high school.

In this episode, we discuss how companies are still focused on major media outlets for advertising! It’s 2022, and radio/tv are not your only options! Social media platforms are searchable and more relevant in today’s media landscape, AND you can control the messaging!

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Surprising The OWNER!

We linked up with the ABR Road Crew in Kenosha Wisconsin while they filmed an episode on-site at BBQ’d Productions!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on the road, but Kris has a killer couple of restaurants, and visiting him worked at perfectly with my busy schedule. In this video, we learn more about Kris and get a behind-the-scenes look into his restaurants!

For even MORE restaurant marketing content subscribe to my channels linked below:

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Terrible Restaurant Coupons – – Restaurant Marketing Secrets – Episode 93

Let’s review a terrible restaurant coupon magazine, well, at least the attempt by these restaurants is terrible. I’m sure the circulation of the magazine isn’t too shabby and might actually drive profits if the owners of the restaurants didn’t create terrible ads.

For more information on us and how we could help transform the marketing for your indepdenent restaurant, CLICK BELOW.


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