Restaurant Marketing ROI & Understanding It – Restaurant Marketing Secrets – Episode 83

One of the ONLY things restaurant owners LOVE to pick apart is their MARKETING ROI! And the funny part is, they honestly don’t know what they are looking at many times.

In this episode I’m going to go DEEP into what I see and what you should too. It’s not as simple as you paid this and got that, it MUST be looked much deeper.

Afterall, what’s the ROI on the sign on your building? I mean, why not take it down for a month and see what happens? Afterall, that’s how you manage your marketing dollars now.

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Taking Care Of Your Restaurants Vendors – Restaurant Marketing Secrets – Episode 82

Are you building great relationsihps with your vendors? Or are they simply a disposable relationship?

I hope you’re taking great care of them and building deep relationships to surround yourself with a great team who have your long term success in mind.

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Hospitality Know How: A Key Guide For Every Hospitality Business

Today in Episode 142 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup we talk with Dino Kottis, the Author of “Hospitality Know How: A Key Guide For Every Hospitality Business”

Dino has been involved with Hospitality for 26 years, having worked in almost all the available positions in the industry. Prior to his career in the Training and Development industry, he had been employed in a number of hospitality management roles for brands like Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Tesco, Liverpool FC and a number of independent & local brands.

He’s been a hospitality business owner in Greece for over 5 years and is currently a shareholder in a food business in the UK.

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MP TV – Using The NFL To Trick The Algorithm?

It’s that time of year again… Football Season. The question is: How can you capitalize on the NFL season to get more people in your restaurant? The answer is not yelling at your customers to come eat at your restaurant and watch the game because they already know you have pizza, wings, and beer. The answer is ENGAGEMENT in the comment section! Get your audience talking in the comment section about this Sunday’s game, and ask them who they think will win. Building off of this you should be doing something for every segment in your market, and not everyone is interested in the NFL, but luckily for you, there are more opportunities to engage.

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Do This When Your Restaurant is in a Crisis (Jeff Hahn – Episode 141 of Restaurant Expert Round-up)

Let’s talk with Author Jeff Hahn about what to do when IT hits the fan. Let’s face it, your restaurant has seen it’s fair share of issues, like everyone else has, but it’s how you handle it when IT happens, not what actually happened that matters.

This is episode 141 of the Restaurant Expert Roundup Podcast

Jeff is the author of “Breaking Bad News” and a crisis communication expert with 30 years experience in communications and public relations.

He’s the owner and principal of a family of integrated agency brands including Apron Food & Beverage Communications, Hahn Public Communications, the Predictive Media Network and White Lion Interactive.

You can find him on:

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Filming With The History Channel | TOP SECRET

The history channel called and the ABR team hopped on a jet! We recently fly up to New Jersey to film with the history channel (more on that next spring)

While in town we experienced some of the best restaurants, “balled out” on new camera equipment from B&H, and filmed a podcast with Loycent Gordon who owns Neir’s Tavern.

Link to the podcast with Loycent:

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Restaurant Owners What’s In Your Wallet – Restaurant Marketing Secrets – Episode 80

As a restaurant owner, operator and even GM your #1 job is to SELL FOOD and that comes through marketing. Some of the best marketing you can do is 1-2-1 conversations in your community. So let’s discuss what you should have in your office to make this even easier.

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Camping Stories With Dad

Today’s FIRE WITH DAD will cover our fun times camping across the US

We’ve tent camped from Erlanger to Beverly Hills and back.

We’ve lost campers in floods and we’ve probably broken everything you can imagine on a camper.


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