MP TV – Episode 82 – Own The Role Of Owner 🥇

Join us in cutting ✂️the red ribbon on our brand new studio🥳 , joined by restaurant expert David Scott Peters⭐! David knows how restaurants work, and with a book📖, podcast🎙️, and a hefty resume💪 of speaking engagements and seminars🗣️, David Scott Peters teaches restaurant operators how to cut costs✂️ and increase profits📈 with his trademark Restaurant Prosperity Formula™. Sitting pretty in the podcast studio 🎧 Matt and David discuss:

🪙 Training employees, not enabling them
🪙 Employ strategic thinking
🪙 Stop being a prisoner to your self
🪙 Making memories makes regulars
🪙 General thinking leads to loss of profit
🪙 Establish expectations, then exceed them by doing the job

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Restaurant Expert Roundup With David Ross of Hillcrest Foods

Wednesday we’re going LIVE with someone on the distribution side of the equation.

David Ross is the Chief Sales Officer at Hillcrest Foods and host of the “RestaurantTopia” Podcast.

I want to know what restaurants can do to be smarter with their menu and food costs with so many issues in the supply chain now.

You can find out more about David below.


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MP TV – Episode 80 – TikTok On The Clock ⏰ With Cali BBQ

Come on over to the golden ☀️ state as Matt makes his way to Cali BBQ 🍖 in sunny San Diego, California. Owner Shawn Walchef and his wife Rosita continue the Bulgarian traditions of hospitality 🤝 in their business, all while serving mouth-watering smoked barbecue. Shawn also has his hands in digital media 📲 as the host of Digital Hospitality, a weekly business and marketing podcast. So let the sunshine 🌞 in as Matt and Shawn discuss:

📲 Taking advantage of TikTok
📲 Keeping up with the changing technology
📲 Starting TODAY, not tomorrow
📲 Making sure that you’re not the problem
📲 Utilizing free social media platforms
📲 Not being afraid to post

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MP TV – Episode 79 – Table Talk With Billy Gene

Description: Billie Jean is not my lover 🎶 … wait, wrong Billie Jean. 😂 Correction, ➡️➡️ Billy Gene IS marketing! This week Matt sits down with Billy Gene so they can get to the good stuff. With over 10 years 😱 of digital marketing under his belt and over 140,000 students in 75 countries, 📍 Billy Gene is a wealth of marketing knowledge. 🧠 During their sit down the pair take a deep dive into:

🎙️ Billy Gene’s number one tip
🎙️ Switching up your roles
🎙️ What’s up with all the orange Matt wears
🎙️ Finding your niche and why it’s a must
🎙️ Mirco wins building confidence
🎙️ And why marketing is more than just a logo

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MP TV – Episode 78 – Donut Forget Your Roots With Chef Santiago

Fasten your seatbelts, ✈️ because we’re taking you to San Diego for this week’s episode of MP TV! Matt indulges his sweet tooth 🍩 and sits down at Donut Bar with Chef Santiago. 👨‍🍳 The two discuss his ridiculously awesome donuts but also how Chef has stayed true to their roots and their community. The pair also speak on:

🍩 Getting your name and your product out there
🍩 Using quality ingredients to make a quality product
🍩 Giving back and spreading kindness
🍩 Using his exotic car for marketing
🍩 Treating every day like it’s their first
🍩 Being out of the box just enough

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