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Pizza TV – The Dough Is In Your Database

While you need to be focused on the amazing dough you create for your pizza, you should be just as concerned about dough hiding in your customer database!Too many operators are using HOPE & PRAY as their marketing plan. You’re hoping customers will remember the great pizza and service and praying they come back.Instead of HOPE & PRAY, let’s put in place a system that brings them back like clock work. That system is your customer retention plan, which we’ll cover later, but in order to make a retention program work you need PEOPLE’S information. More importantly, you need the people who are currently giving you DOUGH!https://www.youtube.com/embed/aYY9n1z1ahM
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MP TV – Episode 43 – Nixing Normal: How to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

On this week’s episode of MP TV, Matt sits down with Annamarie Chestnut of Annamarie’s in Royersford, Pennsylvania. The pair chat about:🤝 Being community-minded 🥡 Adapting to takeout orders during Covid ‼️ Standing out 📲 Getting customers’ attention on social media 👉 And much more!www.MPTV.watchhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/QRXR_3rZQrY
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Live With Chef & Author Chris Hill

We're LIVE with another Restaurant Expert Roundup with Chef & Author Chris Hill at 3pm EST on Monday January 25th.Chris is a former marketing consultant, having worked with top Fortune 500 brands – and then everything changed, when he followed his heart into the world of the kitchen.Chris became a chef, restaurant owner, author and speaker, having spoken on 2 TEDx stages and for companies, organizations and schools all over the country focused on leadership, career fulfillment and inspiring others to live their best selves.In his 1st book he shares other chefs stories (triumphs and failures), as well as his own, and the lessons that we can all learn, as it relates to creating success for our careers, and for our lives as a whole.https://www.youtube.com/embed/vYejJDVHEk8
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