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Restaurant Marketing That Works – Chapter 5 – How To Build A Restaurant Email & Text Database

Come with me on the journey to write my 3rd book, Restaurant Marketing That Works. Each week I'm writing a new chapter and recording the audio to let you hear it first.This week we talk about building a database and the POWER that an email and text database can have on your restaurants marketing. Too many restaurants don't know who their customers are and don't have a systematic way to reach them. If you really want to grow your business every year, you must build a database of customers who know, like and trust your restaurant.To follow the journey, click below. https://restaurantmarketingthatworks.com/book/https://www.youtube.com/embed/2KoloFNuvfA
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Fire With Dad

Letโ€™s see what pops is up to today!https://www.youtube.com/embed/mS1ZvcRTTAo
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Let’s Talk Restaurant Food Safety With Expert Francine Shaw

Join me LIVE on Wednesday September 23rd @ 3pm EST as we talk Food Safety in 2020 with Francine L. Shaw, Founder, CEO of Savvy Food Safety, Inc.COVID-19 has changed the way all businesses operate.Now, every company must elevate its cleaning and disinfecting protocols, implement proper social distancing, and wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as mandated by industry and jurisdiction. Our knowledgeable, experienced team is expertly guiding companies through the rules of this โ€œnew normal,โ€ helping them operate safely in our post-COVID world.https://www.youtube.com/embed/bwarIk1G8jY
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