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We Are Going LIVE With The Catering Coach!

This Restaurant Expert Roundup is LIVE from Las Vegas! I'll be interviewing THE CATERING COACH, Sandy Korem.Catering is a huge missed opportunity for many businesses and I want to find out from Sandy how they can get rocking with catering and over deliver.3 Topics We're Going To Cover 1st - How to adjust your pricing for catering vs dine-in. 2nd - Understanding event quantities so you don't run out. 3rd - Can you succeed without a person selling every week?You can check out her website below. www.thecateringcoach.comhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/7dVOk_ZPkRU
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Restaurant Email & Text Campaigns – How To Drive Results

Restaurants are doing email and text marketing WRONG!What are the key failures? 1st - Sending the same content to EVERYONE 2nd - Only having ME conversationsWatch this video to hear about tactics that could help your restaurant succeed with email and text marketing.For more restaurant marketing tips and advice visit our free resource library below. www.restaurantmarketingthatworks.com/restaurant-marketing-traininghttps://www.youtube.com/embed/_C1qTz9GgF4
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Live With Restaurant Author Doug Radkey

Live With Restaurant Author Doug Radkey at 3pm EST 4/7Doug's new book "Hacking The New Normal" is a MUST for anyone in the restaurant/hospitality industry.What I want to talk about 1st - Page 63 "Anticipating The Reset" - - Are We Prepared & Can We Execute2nd - Page 90 "Customer Retention" - 9%, 18% & 27% (Casual Dining Come Back Rate)3rd - Page 134 "Guest Journey Maps"www.radkey.cahttps://www.youtube.com/embed/iyz53dXft30
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