MP TV – Episode 75 – Keeping Things Consistent with Brooks’ 🍔

We’re in Charlotte, North Carolina 📍 this week as Matt visits David Brooks, owner of Brooks’. 🍔 With almost 50 years under their belt, Brooks’ has become a staple in their community. 👪 Throughout the years David has established a consistent menu 🌭🍟 and proved that he and his restaurant are here to stay. During their interview Matt and David dive into:

🍔 Loving what you do every day
🍔 Why they DIDN’T put their logo on their sticker
🍔 How they became a Charlotte staple
🍔 Staying consistent through change
🍔 What your one goal should be
🍔 Resisting the temptation to add to your menu

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Fire With Dad & Luis

Today we’re going back to the 80’s, to talk about some of the outrageous things my dad did that marketed his business on purpose…and accident.

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We’re Going LIVE With “Schatzy” For Another Restaurant Expert Round-Up

We’re kicking September off RIGHT!

At 3pm we’re LIVE with Michael “Schatzy” Schatzberg of Branded Strategic Hospitality.

Michael helps to connect and accelerate technology, hospitality, and capital to startups and early stage companies. He’s also the Co-Host of the “Hospitality Hangout” podcast.

Today we’re going to talk about:

1st – Technologies place in the industry post pandemic, will restaurants go away from 3rd party

2nd – Will there be a surge in new concepts focused solely on takeout and drive through, have we seen the last of fast food dining rooms.

3rd – What’s a piece of technology restaurants need to embrace that they currently are not, or one that’s on the horizon.

You can find out more about his company at…

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Creating Profitable Restaurant Menu’s – America’s Best Restaurants University

How To Design Insanely Profitable Menus and Control Your Costs in the Process.

The menu is a key building block of all restaurants, so it MUST be optimized!

That’s what we will be covering in this MENU FOCUSED webinar.

We will discuss…

What Fonts Increase Sales
Why Menu Size Matters
How To Design a Professional Menu on a Budget
The Importance of Maintaining Accurate Cost Sheets
Why Knowing What Menu Items are the Most Profitable is Vital

and MORE!

Webinar Guests
1st – Roger Beaudoin – Roger Beaudoin is the founder of Restaurant Rockstars – an online tool to help restaurant owners and managers crush it in the restaurant business. He is also a podcast host, author, speaker, and restaurant consultant.

2nd – Donald Burns – With nearly four decades in the restaurant industry, Donald Burns has worked in the front of the house, back of the house, opened, owned, created and operated original concepts. From that experience, Donald – a two time author – keeps restaurants on top by building their brand. strengthening their team, and increasing their profits.

3rd – Matt Plapp – Matt’s the CEO of America’s Best Restaurants & Restaurant Marketing That Works. Through both companies Matt’s on a mission to help restaurants find more frequent customers through their ground breaking A.B.R strategy…Attract, Build & Retain

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MP TV – Episode 17 – At Home at The Colonial Cottage


Make yourselves at home with us this week when Matt sits down with Matt Grimes, owner of Colonial Cottage, a country-style American fare served in a time-tested tavern with banquet space & a Sunday buffet.
In this episode, Matt and Matt discuss:

– Buying Trends
– Fish
– Tough Times
– PP Loans
– and more!

MP TV – Lounging with Carla Chalkley from Aladdin’s Eatery!

Lounge around this Tuesday with Matt as he meets with owner of Aladdin’s Eatery + Lounge, Carla Chalkley.

Tune in to learn about:
-The journey from employee to owner
-Choosing your business type
-Leading by example
-Being in your restaurant
-and more!


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Live With Jensen Cummings Of Best Served Podcast

Live With Jensen Cummings Of Best Served Podcast @3pm Friday July 17th

Join me as I talk with Chef Jensen Cummings who loves to celebrate the unsung Hospitality Heroes in his restaurant podcast, Best Served.

Let’s find out what he’s seeing…hearing…that’s helping restaurants get through these tough times right now.

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Fire With My Dad

Fire With My Dad

Today we talk about my Bobble Head Mom & Dad got me for my birthday and the WHOOPING I put on Dad Tuesday night in our Golf League.

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