Restaurant Owner Testimonial – Cathy owner of Zoup Soup & Sandwich Shop Eastgate

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what a client of mine had to say.

Today I sat down with a client of mine, Cathy, who owns the Zoup Soup & Sandwich Shop in Eastgate. She’s using our program strictly for the opt-ins and not the monthly outreach, since they have a pretty robust loyalty program.

The program is doing great and is helping her get amazing exposure, grow a database and DRIVE SALES!

ROI Experts Agency Talk – Matt and Gavin Talking About Getting clients results and how to measure it

Recently I sat down (virtually) with an entreprenuer from Australia, @Gavin Williams to talk about WHAT a marketing program should be able to prove.

In this video we talk about how to understand what a marketing program SHOULD bring to the table. This is important for all business owners and agencies to understand, because you need to know how to eveluate what you’re doing in order to stop that marketing or double down.

We get into the results of 2 restuarant campaigns and disuss the value of the exposure the ads are getting, the value of the database and what percentage the ACTUAL sales should be responssible for.

Ask yourself this. If you spent $1,000 on a markting campaign and got these #s would you be happy

#1 – Spent $250 and reached 30,000 people, received 1,200 engagements on your ad and 500 comments?

#2 – Spent $250 and grew a messenger and email database by 500 people that YOU owned and could talk to whenever you wanted.

#3 – Spent $500 and received $2,500 in sales, 100% trackable sales that is fom these efforts alone?

If you want to find out how you can see results like this for your restaurant or your agency clients click below and let’s schedule a FREE conversation. I’m an open book and I won’t hold anything back. Once you click I’ll send you a message through Messenger to get your scheduled.

Radio Advertising vs Facebook Advertising

Are you adapting to what’s working in your business or simply finding a negative spin on what’s new so that you don’t have to adapt?

I see articles like this every day from mass media companies and Radio & TV stations. Instead of realizing there are WAY BETTER options for advertisers in 2018, they need to find “AMMO” against mediums taking their profits.

In this case “it’s radio”. Have you heard the terrible radio commericals touting “it’s radio” as the best medium to reach everyone. Well, here’s a look inside what they are using as ways to attempt to poke holes in Facebooks ability to do a much better job of drivings sales than what they can do on radio.

Ask yourself, at what point will the radio and tv stations realize their bed is made and it’s time to acknowledge what marketers already know, DIGITAL MARKETING like Facebook actually WORKS! It’s trackable, it’s predictable, it’s MEASURABLE. That catch phrase “ROI” is actually an option in Facebook advertising, unlike radio.

You suck at marketing, so stop trying to do it

Do you do your own taxes?

Do you handle your own legal issues?

Did you install your kids braces?

I commonly run across business owners specifically restaurant owners who are trying to run their own online marketing programs, especially Facebook. Just like I have no right to be in the kitchen at any point, the majority of the people out there have no right turn it on and add that they don’t know how to actually do it correctly

Matt Plapp’s Morning Reading


Have you ever read a section in the book that summed up everything that’s been wrong? If you’re not familiar or business owner you’re going to want to hear this. There’s a darn good chance this is what’s hurting you as well.