Judging the BEST Wings in America!

With each bite, the wings grew hotter and the meat sweats grew worse. I was only a quarter of the way through judging and I had already eaten enough chicken wings to feed a family for a week. With no end in sight, I knew what needed to be done. As I loosened my belt, and wiped my mouth, I began to prepare myself mentally for the hardest thing I’ve ever done – Score the winners of the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

I’m just kidding, the event was a blast and I’m always excited to get the opportunity to participate in judging the wings at The National Buffalo Wing Festival! Come along with us as we tear into a serious amount of wings and find out who has the best wings in America!

*This video is not responsible for any uncontrollable cravings or spontaneous wing-eating marathons that may occur after watching.*

#buffalowings #buffalowingfest

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Don’t give up, you’re almost there!

Watch the ABR mini-documentary:

This video is for all the hardworking restaurant owners and entrepreneurs out there who are giving their best every day to stand out. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself in front of the camera, go live, and be vulnerable. Trust me, I’ve been there too. But what people don’t talk about is the small successes you achieve over time. They add up and eventually become an unstoppable wave of success. So don’t give up, you’re almost there!

#shorts #motivationalvideo #powerfulmotivation

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Our Beautiful RGA Guide for Restaurant Owners!

Click this link in my bio to get your BEAUTIFULY-designed RGA Guide today!
While creating our RGA Guide I was humbled at how bad my graphic design skills are… Deb our expert designer sprinkled all the spice into this guide so that restaurant owners have all of the value of the RGA Guide and a beautiful book to work through! #shorts #marketingtips #restaurantmarketing

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No one knows you exist… So Get your customers data!

Small business owners always assume that everyone in their community knows them, but hardly anyone does! I know from experience that even a huge field of boats/campers doesn’t translate to people knowing you sell boats and campers.

So where do we go from here? It starts with capturing customer data and speaking directly to your target audience! Reminding them about your business and giving them a reason to come back repeatedly! #restaurantmarketing #smallbusiness #dataacquisition

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These books are a must-read for any restaurant owner!

These books are a must-read for any restaurant owner! Check out the link in my bio for the full list. And if you haven’t already, you NEED to dive into “Restaurant Prosperity Formula” by David Scott Peters – it’s a game-changer! #RestaurantOwners #MustReads #shorts

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Call your customers on their birthday! Restaurant sales📈📈

Calling all Restaurant Owners! It’s time to revolutionize how you celebrate your customers’ birthdays! Forget about those boring old offers sent by every restaurant in town. Take it up a notch and make a personal connection. Call them directly! Have you ever received a call from a restaurant, inviting you to spend your special day with a BADASS offer? I bet not! This is your chance to stand out from the big box chains and build genuine relationships with your loyal patrons who need to be eating at your restaurant every week!

Check out Episode 388 of the Restaurant Marketing Secrets Podcast to hear the full breakdown of celebrating birthdays in your restaurant https://mattplapp.live/388

#restaurantmarketing #shorts #restaurantowners

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Stop doing what others are doing!

On Episode 388 of the Restaurant Marketing Secrets Podcast, I dive into one critical marketing tactic your restaurant needs to be doing! Let me help take you to the promised land of FREEDOM from your restaurant- Click the link below and check out episode 388

#independentrestaurantowner #shorts #restaurantmarketing

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Cream Sodas, Elon Musk, and Colorful Insight | Twist Off

Do you want to double your restaurant’s sales? Look no further! Introducing my brand new RGA Guide! It’s your new secret weapon filled with killer marketing strategies that you should be doing at your restaurant every single day. Grab your copy now https://learn.abruniversity.com/offers/WCLxeUoU

On the latest episode of The Twist Off Podcast, we have a special guest joining us! Our Director of Marketing, David Schlotter, is in town, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to sit him down and get his rankings of our delicious craft cream sodas!

But that’s not all! We also delve into the intriguing world of Elon Musk conspiracies, exploring his drastic changes to Twitter or X… If that’s not enough, we discuss how colors can profoundly impact purchasing decisions and set the right vibes for restaurants.

#twitter #Twistoff #marketingpodcast

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