Coronavirus Business Shutdown Conversation With Attorney Scott Guenther

This downturn may turn out to be one of the worst in a LONG TIME!

What can and should you be doing right now?

What can you do to get your business in better condition and primed for when we get back to normal?

On the other side of that spectrum, what happens if your company fails during this downturn? What do you do?

Today I spoke with Scott Guenther, a local attorney and friend about these topics…here’s our conversation.

Scott Guenther

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Live Fire With My Dad

Every week my dad & I chop it up online for about 15 minutes. The topics vary from business to sports, and many times we get WAY off topic :)

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Breweries & Restaurants Please Serve AWESOME Non-Alcoholic Options Besides SODA

My first night in Vegas, I made sure to stop by Ellis Island because they had CRAFT root beer. Not everyone who comes to you restaurant or brewery for the alcoholic beverages. To attract more customers, add something non-alcoholic to your menu besides soda… like CRAFT ROOT BEER!

Check out the full video here:

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MP TV – Bob Jacoby – The KING of Table Touches

What’s MP TV? It’s the only podcast made exclusively for restaurants and restaurant owners. Follow Matt Plapp as he travels the U.S. interviewing restaurant and brewery owners and operators about what has brought them success in the business.

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In this first episode, Matt interviews Bob Jacoby, the GM and Owner of Quaker Steak & Lube. They discuss several topics, including:
???????? Third Party Delivery
????????Table Touches
???????? Customer Experience and Building Loyal Relationships
???????? Bob’s best advice for others in the biz
???????? And more.

*Please note, this interview was shot before the Coronavirus Outbreak and accompanying major restaurant interruptions, but Bob’s message still resonates due to the topics covered.

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ROI Engine Data

Brian LOVES Data. He’s a numbers guy. Listen to what he says about why he loves our program:

“The data will rarely give you all the answers, but it will always tell you what questions you need to ask. That’s what’s so valuable to about this data. It helps me know what questions I need to be talking to my staff, customers, and other owners about… You don’t have to be a data analyst for this to be beneficial. You give it in a nice digestible packet!”

Check out what else Brian has to say and learn more about our program here:

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