Let’s Feed Some Families!

It’s that time of year again to feed families in need with our Thanksgiving Food Drive.

This is our 13th year, let’s make it the best yet!

For 2021 we’ve partnered with the NKYFL to feed families in need in Northern Kentucky. We’ll be using multiple point of pickup in Boone, Kenton and Campbell County to make it even easier for families to pickup a meal.


You can donate on the link above. There are also links on the page for friends who are doing this in their home market, but as of 10/24/21 those are not live yet, so stay tuned. Worst case, you can donate to me and tell me it’s for their market and I’ll send the money over.

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Restaurant Author Interview – Carl Orsbourn “Delivering The Digital Restaurant”

It’s 2021 and it took a pandemic in 2020 to get a LOT of restaurants out of the stone ages and into this DECADE 🙂

Today we’re talking with Carl Orsbourn, the co-author of Delivering The Digital Restaurant.

We’re going to GRILL Carl on the top 3 things brick and mortar restaurants can do to capitalize on all things digital with regards to selling food.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/carlorsbourn
Email: carl@deliverthedish.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/carlorsbourn

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Wow…5 Years

I had to go live to talk about this, I can’t believe the journey I’ve been on…AND we’re just getting started.

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MP TV – Episode 81 – Problem-Solving Your Way to Profit with Josh Kopel

He’s a podcaster 🎙️, a restaurateur 🍽️, a tech pioneer 📲 AND… he’s sharing his insider secrets 🤫 with us. He’s none other than Josh Kopel! Throughout his 20-year career, he’s managed venues ranging from the Alligator 🐊 Bayou Bar to Hollywood nightclubs, bars, 🍸 and ultra-lounges. In response to the devastation he saw in his own businesses and the industry, Josh created Full Comp 🎙️ with Yelp in 2020. Get your notebooks 📓 ready as Matt and Josh drop some nuggets of wisdom on:

👉 Taking time to unplug
👉 Why simple steps aren’t always easy
👉 Admitting there’s a problem to find a solution
👉 The missing element with failed restaurants
👉 Why busier does’t always mean better
👉 Shedding the bad news bears mentality


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MP TV – Episode 82 – Own The Role Of Owner 🥇

Join us in cutting ✂️the red ribbon on our brand new studio🥳 , joined by restaurant expert David Scott Peters⭐! David knows how restaurants work, and with a book📖, podcast🎙️, and a hefty resume💪 of speaking engagements and seminars🗣️, David Scott Peters teaches restaurant operators how to cut costs✂️ and increase profits📈 with his trademark Restaurant Prosperity Formula™. Sitting pretty in the podcast studio 🎧 Matt and David discuss:

🪙 Training employees, not enabling them
🪙 Employ strategic thinking
🪙 Stop being a prisoner to your self
🪙 Making memories makes regulars
🪙 General thinking leads to loss of profit
🪙 Establish expectations, then exceed them by doing the job

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Restaurant Expert Roundup With David Ross of Hillcrest Foods

Wednesday we’re going LIVE with someone on the distribution side of the equation.

David Ross is the Chief Sales Officer at Hillcrest Foods and host of the “RestaurantTopia” Podcast.

I want to know what restaurants can do to be smarter with their menu and food costs with so many issues in the supply chain now.

You can find out more about David below.

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/david-ross-b6b39175
Website: www.hillcrestfoods.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/restauranttopia

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