Restaurant Expert Deep Dive With The FOOD GUY…Tobie Nidetz

Tobie is the Host of the Restaurant Legends Podcast & a Restaurant Consultant and today I want to talk to Tobie about a few topics:

1st – Making Your Restaurant Standout
2nd – How much of your hiring problem is a marketing/brand problem
3rd – Pricing For 2021 and Beyond

You can reach Tobie at…




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MP TV – Episode 77 – Winging It With BW3 Founder Scott Lowery

What pairs perfectly with every game 🏈 day party? Wings, 🍗🍗 that’s what! Matt got to catch up with Scott Lowery, one of the founders of the beloved Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants. 🤩 Scott and his brother turned business partner established BW3’s back in the 1980s 📅 and have learned so many lessons along the way. Some of those lessons include:

🍗 When to open your second location
🍗 How to find investors
🍗 Finding the right space for your restaurant
🍗 Coming up with a catchy name
🍗 How to take that “next step”
🍗 Why you HAVE to do your market research

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MP TV – Episode 76 – Taking Time Out For Your Customers

We’re visiting Chapel Hill’s 📍 resident place for a late-night bite 🍔, Time Out! Matt and owner Eddie Williams take a load off to discuss how Eddie always has his customers in mind. 🧠 The pair dive into topics like:

➡️ Always being “on” as a restaurant owner
➡️ Relating to your customers
➡️ Understanding your customers’ needs
➡️ Serving quality food no matter what
➡️ Being open 24 hours, 7 days a week
➡️ And of course, selling chicken bones!

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MP TV – Episode 75 – Keeping Things Consistent with Brooks’ 🍔

We’re in Charlotte, North Carolina 📍 this week as Matt visits David Brooks, owner of Brooks’. 🍔 With almost 50 years under their belt, Brooks’ has become a staple in their community. 👪 Throughout the years David has established a consistent menu 🌭🍟 and proved that he and his restaurant are here to stay. During their interview Matt and David dive into:

🍔 Loving what you do every day
🍔 Why they DIDN’T put their logo on their sticker
🍔 How they became a Charlotte staple
🍔 Staying consistent through change
🍔 What your one goal should be
🍔 Resisting the temptation to add to your menu

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