We’re Going LIVE With “Schatzy” For Another Restaurant Expert Round-Up

We’re kicking September off RIGHT!

At 3pm we’re LIVE with Michael “Schatzy” Schatzberg of Branded Strategic Hospitality.

Michael helps to connect and accelerate technology, hospitality, and capital to startups and early stage companies. He’s also the Co-Host of the “Hospitality Hangout” podcast.

Today we’re going to talk about:

1st – Technologies place in the industry post pandemic, will restaurants go away from 3rd party

2nd – Will there be a surge in new concepts focused solely on takeout and drive through, have we seen the last of fast food dining rooms.

3rd – What’s a piece of technology restaurants need to embrace that they currently are not, or one that’s on the horizon.

You can find out more about his company at…

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Creating Profitable Restaurant Menu’s – America’s Best Restaurants University

How To Design Insanely Profitable Menus and Control Your Costs in the Process.

The menu is a key building block of all restaurants, so it MUST be optimized!

That’s what we will be covering in this MENU FOCUSED webinar.

We will discuss…

What Fonts Increase Sales
Why Menu Size Matters
How To Design a Professional Menu on a Budget
The Importance of Maintaining Accurate Cost Sheets
Why Knowing What Menu Items are the Most Profitable is Vital

and MORE!

Webinar Guests
1st – Roger Beaudoin – Roger Beaudoin is the founder of Restaurant Rockstars – an online tool to help restaurant owners and managers crush it in the restaurant business. He is also a podcast host, author, speaker, and restaurant consultant.

2nd – Donald Burns – With nearly four decades in the restaurant industry, Donald Burns has worked in the front of the house, back of the house, opened, owned, created and operated original concepts. From that experience, Donald – a two time author – keeps restaurants on top by building their brand. strengthening their team, and increasing their profits.

3rd – Matt Plapp – Matt’s the CEO of America’s Best Restaurants & Restaurant Marketing That Works. Through both companies Matt’s on a mission to help restaurants find more frequent customers through their ground breaking A.B.R strategy…Attract, Build & Retain

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Make 2016 Different & More Profitable

I have a saying I use frequently “advertising is easy, but marketing is HARD”.  Why is it hard?  Because marketing requires you to do the heavy lifting and thinking.  You’re not just hopelessly placing ads, you’re creating ideas that will drive revenue and profits.  

In this event you’ll get the tools and ideas to help make 2016 different from past years.  During this 3 hour seminar you’ll hear from 5 speakers who will help jumpstart your thinking and get you ready to market your business like never before.  

We’ll cover in depth the following topics:

1. Social Media Marketing – How to use Social Media to market your business and as a customer relation tool.

2.  Referral Relationships – You have a great group of satisfied customers, now lets make them a sales staff.

3.  Advanced Facebook, Instagram & Twitter Marketing Tactics – Create impactful ultra targeted ads to get in front of your best customers.

4.  Search Engine Optimization – Getting found online and what it takes to be on the top results in Google

5.  Newsworthy – Learn how to get the attention of the media and get your business in the headlines. 

6.  HOW TO SELL!  Many times this is one of the most over looked aspects of marketing.  

7.  Email Marketing – Learn the best practices for sending email and how to make this great marketing tool drive traffic and sales to your business.

8. Reviews – Stop worrying about bad reviews and HOPE you get some, then you can show everyone how you handle issues.

You’ll leave with a custom marketing plan and workbook that will help make 2016 even better than 2015!


Are you going to wreck your new Corvette?


Imagine pulling out of your driveway and HAMMERING the gas pedal of a Corvette and never touching the steering wheel.  

2 weeks ago I was on my sofa watching TV at 9:35pm when a private message came across my phone from one of our client’s Facebook Pages. If you know me, you know that I constantly monitor our client’s pages, 7 days per week and 16-18 hours per day.  So it’s not unusual for me to respond to guest questions, complaints or concerns at times when most people are unplugged from work.  This message stuck out more than any other and here’s why.  This was a guest that was at the restaurant at the time of the complaint.  She was sitting at the bar and messaged that she wasn’t happy with the service she was getting.  I asked if she had spoken with a manager she said no.  This really caught me by surprise she’s sitting in the business and turns to Facebook to get an issue resolved???  Who does that?  Today’s customers, that’s who!

Luckily, I was monitoring it and I reached out to the manager and he solved the problem.  We manage hundreds of social media pages with hundreds of thousands of fans, DAILY and every day we do more “customer service” type work than we do branding or content creation. The BUZZ WORDS in Social Media are “engagement” “viral” “high value content” but the major one should be “THE NEW 800#”.  The facts are the people aren’t turning to 800 #s or even managers 10 feet from them anymore, they are turning to Social Media.  Why?  it’s quicker and honestly a great way to scare the business into answering  your concerns ASAP.  The major issue though is that many companies aren’t equipped to manage situations like this.  

Recently I was speaking with a colleague about this and I wasn’t surprised to hear that no one manages their pages after hours and on the weekends.  The major problem with this is that something could BLOW UP big time in that short period of time.  Imagine the traction a bad Facebook post can get in 24 hours, strike that, 24 minutes!  This time a year ago I was involved in a post that went viral REALLY fast.  It turned out to be a PR stunt by a non-profit trying to get attention.  It was amazing how fast this went from a post, to a post with 100+ shares and a lot of negative PR attached to it.  Luckily we saw this right away, got the facts from management and squashed it in a few days.  It was a really stressful few days, but we were able to come out on the good side of this one, BUT WHAT IF this had sat there unanswered for 2-3 days.  WOW, that would have been ugly.  In 2014, an unanswered Facebook post is almost an admission of guilt.  Consumers want to hear from you now.


Back to the Corvette.  

Why are you pressing the gas pedal on a corvette and not looking at the road? If there’s a straight road you’re in good shape, but we all know some curves, a school bus and a stop light are just around the corner. That’s what’s happening if you’re not monitoring your Social Media pages ALL THE TIME to make sure every post, good and bad, is being answered.  Like it or not, you need to have eyes on your pages all the time. Probably the only time your somewhat safe is 11pm-6am, since the vast majority of your customers are asleep. 

So I leave you with this thought…GRAB THE STEERING WHEEL, no one wants to wreck a nice Corvette.