Doug Smith - Cincinnati Radio Marketing Consultant
Doug Smith - Cincinnati Radio Marketing Consultant

All of these companies are category dominant, they all are well known, and they all offer excellent products.   However, if I put you in a room with 99 other people there is a good chance that your opinion of these companies will differ from the vast majority of others.  Maybe you formed your opinion about the above companies through personal experience, but whether you’ve used a product or not….chances are you have an opinion.

Now, if I put 100 people into a room and I asked them to tell me what they thought of your business…..what do you think they would say?

If they’ve done business with you, their opinion is based on their personal experience.  But how do the people who have NOT done business with you formulate their opinion?

Word of Mouth is huge, but advertising is still king when it comes to creating a perception of your business with potential customers.  Radio, TV, Social Media, Direct Mail….they all give you a platform to create a perception.  So the million dollar question is……What does your advertising say about you?

Does your advertising position you as an expert in your field?  Does your advertising establish value?  Does your advertising clearly state the benefits of doing business with you?

Take time to find out what people think of your business.  Ask current customers, ask your employees, or ask your friends….but if you want to hit the business lottery, find someone who bought from your competition and ask them what they think of your business.  You may be surprised at what you hear.

Doug Smith is a Senior Account Executive for WREW Rewind 94.9 and in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky.  You can contact Doug at  (513) 535-9123 or

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