Day 42 – The Puzzle – Is This Birthday Offer Bad?

Ok, so I finally got what I wanted, A GREAT birthday offer with no strings attached…or did I?

This past week we’ve talked a lot about marketing funnels and the importance of the offer you make to get customers into your marketing programs.  Well, as you also might know if you’re an avid follower, this week was my birthday and my inbox was full and shitty offers!  Most of the birthday “gifts” that restaurants gave me were bad and had strings attached.  Honestly, most were coupons and NOBODY wants a coupon on their birthday. 

On Friday I was excited when a national chain sent me the email above with a solid graphic of a dessert and a pretty clear call to action, a free dessert for my birthday.  

BUT THEN when I clicked the “view reward” button I was redirected to a paid to download their Punch App.  So what I thought was once a free birthday dessert from a restaurant I frequent turns out to not be free offer after all.  

Then that got me thinking, what are the plusses and minuses of this tactic


– Forces me to download that app where they can get more data from me.


– I’m not a person that downloads apps and I don’t visit since the offer isn’t relevant.

Those to me are the main points of each side.  And as I reflect on my past experiences I know that loyalty programs, which is what this app is don’t apply to 80% of a restaurants customers.  And I also know that many consumes don’t like to download restaurant apps, including me.  

My point of todays blog post was to get you thinking about the “friction” in your marketing programs and what’s the best path to take on something like this.  Personally, If I was you, I’d want as many people as possible to visit a restaurant, regardless of if they have the app or not.  So this would be NO GO for Matt Plapp.

In episode 608 of my podcast, Restaurant Marketing Secrets, I talk about this topic as well…CLICK HERE to listen

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