Day 46 – The Puzzle – Another 48 Years, That’s How Long


That was the question that hit me this morning as I was leaving a business meeting and observed an older gentleman jogging through Loveland.

When I saw him jogging, weights in hand, I thought “I wonder how old he is?  Probably 70-75, he looks good.  But I wonder, what’s he do all day…what would I want to do all day then?”

And with that the thought popped into my head “how long will I work and what’s possible?” 

I just turned 48 last week and I can see the effects of not working, not thinking, not grinding has on people.  When you stop or even slow down YOU GET OLD!  And I don’t want to get OLD like that.  

Plus I freaking love the conversations I get to have with restaurant owners and other entrepreneurs. Just yesterday I got to spend some time with a good friend of mine, Jim, who was in town for a conference.  We spent about 90 minutes together and the conversation was amazing. The insights he gave me, the energy I pulled from him, ALL TOP NOTCH!

Then later in the afternoon I hopped on a call with my team and two restaurant owners.  During that call I got the exact same feeling.  I WAS ALIVE!  Talking about what I love, restaurant marketing, and helping small business owners get what they want out of it.  Plus, the collaborative conversation we had is what really fuels me.  

So with that thought this morning it instantly hit me “How old is Warren Buffet?  That dude is a freaking rockstar and he’s got to be pushing 90.  If he can be that damn sharp and impactful at that age, so can I.”

So off to Google and BOOM, he’s 93…according to Google (sidebar, crazy how we instantly trust one source these days right).

Now the question some people will have is “why would you want to work until you are in your 90’s?”  My answer, TO STAY SHARP!  To keep my brain running full speed and squeeze every ounce out of life.  Now will I be putting in 60-80 hour weeks and traveling all the time at that point, of course not.  But I will be contributing to the vision of this company, YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT, this company!  Selling to the highest bidder doesn’t appeal to me, building a legacy like Warren and Charlie did DOES!  I want to drive down streets and see campuses with our company brands on them.  I want to fly to conferences that we own. I want to see millionaires come out of our companies, and I want to do it for the next 48 yerars.

See you tomorrow. 

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