Day 48 – The Puzzle – Why Facebook Posts Should Not Be Short

to post or not to post, that’s not the question.

To make SHORT or LONG posts, that is THE REAL QUESTION!

A topic that comes up frequently is the fact that most restaurants are simply making a Facebook post every day, to simply MAKE A POST. There is very little effort or thought put into it and that’s why posts go unnoticed by most of your fans.  

Now I know what you’re going to say next, “Matt I don’t have time.”  

Well, I call bullshit on that.  We all have time to do what’s important to us.  Whether that’s working out, eating write, writing a daily blog post, recording a daily podcast, or guess what PUTTING TIME AND EFFORT into a social media post EVERY DAY!  

And marketing and sales for your restaurant should be a really important to you. 

In episode 615 of my daily podcast, Restaurant Marketing Secrets, I dig into the SEE MORE button and how it can help you dominate your marketing.

The idea behind the “see more” button is to give Facebook more data to work with to optimize your Facebook page and posts.  But it’s also your chance to engage with your customers at a deeper level. 

Think about it this way.  If you were walking through your dining room and a customer stopped you and asked about your dough.  Would you simply say “yeah, we make it daily” and keep walking?  Or would you welcome the conversation to explain what makes your AWESOME and different from the chain or gas station pizza spot down the street?

In the podcast I go deep into WHY this works for marketing, but in this blog I want to go deeper into WHY you need to learn how to tell your story and how this will help.

At Pizza Expo this year we asked over 50 restaurant owners and managers “what makes your restaurant different and unique” and 9 out of 10 gave me some lame ass reason. 

“We have great service, we have the best pizza, we are family owned” were what most people said. There was ZERO thought or effrot put into telling an actual story or knowing what it was.  Most stumbled when asked and were as convincing as most politicians. 

In fact, the 2 best responses came from a 16 year-old and 3 accounting office ladies.  

The 3 ladies from Marcos Pizza’s corporate office went right into what makes them different, how they make the dough every day and why it makes them better than other pizza joints.  It was GOLD!  It came off great and you could tell this was due to them saying it a thousand times.

Well, that’s exactly what using Facbook posts like I’m talking about here will do for your ability to tell your story. The more time you spend typing and speaking about what you do, the better you become at that.  It’s just like shooting foul shots.  So when you spend 15-30 minutes every day typing out an in-depth well thought out Facebook post about how your dough is made, how you interview employees, how you got in the pizza business, about your vision, etc, the better you become at telling your story in person. 

See you tomorrow,



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