Day 55 – The Puzzle – Why Does Your Restaurants Marketing Suck?

This is the “STAT” line from a Facebook post made 24 hours ago by a LEGACY awesome restaurant in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky.

They have 23,000 fans and yet only 6 engaged.

That’s .00026% of their fan base.  

Not 1%

Not a tenth of .1%

Not a tenth of a tenth .01%

Heck not event a tenth of a tenth of a tenth .001%

Now, I don’t claim to know math but I think what I typed above is correct, and if not I think you get the point.  

Basically NO BODY engaged with this post.  

And the bigger reason for that is due to more than likely NO BODY seeing the post.

And the major faction in that, is they’ve not only lost the attention of their fan base on Facebook, but they’ve lost the algorithm. 

In Episode 622 of my podcast Restaurant Marketing Secrets I talk about this and how a local restaurant uncovered PART of the secret sauce, CLICK HERE to listen.

Now Facebook is simply one part of the equation and just because you suck at Facebook doesn’t mean you suck at marketing, BUT it’s a very telling peak into how you market.  

So back to the question, “Why does your restaurants marketing suck?”

In my opinion the answer is found in education and implementation.  

Think about it.  

Why is someone massively overweight?  They’ve not educated themselves on nutrition and exercise.  And over and above that, if they have, then they have failed to take the proper action.  

Why is someone broke, AKA has NO MONEY?  It’s the exact thing, they’ve not taken the time to either figure out why and how, or taken the steps to get UN…BROKE.

People who know and don’t take action, that’s beyond me. I simply don’t understand that, but that’s for another blog post.

So with regards to your restaurants marketing, I simply think you don’t know.  

Restaurant owners are some of the hardest working people I’ve seen in my entire life. I think the root of the problem is that many of you still think of marketing from the 1990’s as marketing.  Back then you bought commercial space from a media company.  And then they helped you design an advertisement. 

That’s not how it works today.  Todays platforms like Facebook are not advertising companies first, they are social platforms first.  Email marketing was not built for you to sell shit, it was built for you to COMMUNICATE.

I could go on and on, but the core issues is that you think every place you can put your message is a radio station or newspaper and IT”S NOT!  

Marketing in 2024 is night and day from 1994.  Back most of what you did within your “marketing plan” was paid advertising and YES that’s how you should have used those platforms.  

But in 2024 your marketing can’t always be advertising, that’s just not how the world works now. And you, as a restaurant owner have to pick up books like the one below and RETRAIN your brain.

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