Day 69 – The Puzzle – This Restaurant Is Brand New, What Should They Do?

This topic drives me crazy!  Why, because I am the one that hears it ONLY on the frontend and the backend.

First, I’ve been talking to restaurant owners for 16 years who say “we are slammed now that we opened, and we will be for 90 days or so, let’s talk after that.  I don’t need to spend any money on marketing right now.”

Second, “crap, sales have dropped 30% from our first few months, we better start marketing.”

Restaurant owners, get this through your head, YOU ALWAYS MARKET AND ADVERTISE…even when you are in your honeymoon phase after you open. Heck, I’d say that’s the most important time actually.

Here’s what you should do and why

1st – Gather every persons name in your restaurant, visit your website and engage with your social media, next is the why

2nd – The #1 reason you need this info is to use to reach back out to the customers who STOP coming in 90 days due to the bad experience they are going to have with you having a new product, team, long lines, etc.  It 100% happens to every new restaurant and if you don’t have a list of people you can reach out to, to say “I’m sorry, give us another try, then you have to spend money to re-acquire them.”

3rd – You need their data to keep the honeymoon going MUCH LONGER!  The long lines and buzz are going away, and people will forget about you.  

4th – A HUGE free appetizer or dessert promo right out of the gate for “their next visit.”  WHY?  Because these new people need a reason to not only come back but, try something they did not try the first visit.

5th – Facebook and Instagram ads running to target everyone within a mile of your restaurant so that when they are eating at your restaurant they will see your content, possibly engage and then you have then in an audience through Facebook to target at a later date.

6th – A REALLY great reason for them to visit your website while they are inside the restaurant.  You MUST have a QR code that is 100% dedicated for in-house traffic.  This way you create another custom audience you can target through digital ads in the future of people who’d been INSIDE your restaurant.

7th – Buy a beacon that allows you to target customers in your restaurant in the future through Facebook ads.  These devices are great to put at your front door, so when people walk through the device pings their phone and you can target them after they are gone with Facebook and Instagram ads.

That’s it for now, I may add more later, but those are a few things I’d do if I was opening a new restaurant. And honestly, all of those apply for really EVERY restaurant 🙂

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