Day 73 – The Puzzle – My Shoes & This Car, 2 Things Your Restaurant Needs

Every day shoes like the ones above stop people in their tracks and FORCE them to create a conversation with me.

And every day I’m stopped in my tracks by a wrapped vehicle, like the one below.  

As a restaurant owner you must live by the mantra, LMS.




The shoes and wrapped car are how you market every day on auto pilot.  I’m blown away by what I see restaurant owners outside of their restaurant.  You are rocking other peoples brands like Nike and Polo, vs your own.  Back in 2017 when I decided to OWN the color orange for good I made a decision, orange shoes and shirts every day.  The first few years only a few people took notice, now, EVERY ONE DOES.  I don’t care if you’re at the gym, a football game, the grocery store or the airport, you should be repping your restaurant and be wearing SOMETHING that makes people around you ask a question.  I’m at a disadvantage, 99 out of 100 people I meet are not my target audience, but everyone you meet EATS DAILY :). And odds are the majority of your time is spent in the same region as your restaurant, so there you go!

With wrapped vehicle, it’s a no brainer.  I shouldn’t even have to be typing this.  You drive to the restaurant EVERY DAY.  You pass your ideal customers EVERY DAY.  You could use another amazing sign at your restaurant EVERY DAY!

And you want to know something else, you could opt to buy a much COOLER car to wrap that will stop people in their tracks.  What if your pizza joint had a wrapped Porsche?  You would be the talk of the town.  And guess what, you could do that for under $700 per month, and it would cause a lot of buzz and sell a lot of food!

Photo Credit – LINK NKY 

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