Day 89 – The Puzzle – What Time Away Means For Me & How I Handle It

We all handle time off differently, and it’s up to you to find your speed and the “level” in which you turn your shut-off valve.

And it’s OK to accept that we all need a break occasionally and not beat ourselves up over it. 

Many years ago I realized when a long weekend is upon me, or a vacation is a few days away, I become pretty useless.  I get less concerned with daily hustle and more about free thinking.  I used to beat myself up for this, I’d think “MATT it’s not vacation yet, keep grinding!”

But then one day I accepted it, and I realized we all slow down sometimes.  This week was a great example of that. On accident, I combined these two powers.  I was leaving for vacation today July 6th, during a 4-day weekend 🙂

As I was making some to-do lists the week prior, I realized what I’d done and thought “OH NO” both of my kryptonite are hitting at once 🙂

But then I thought, OH YEAH!!!!!  


So with that, I embraced it.  I looked at the calendar and thought HOW can we have some fun this week? 

Grilling out on Wednesday at the office seemed like the perfect way to end the “work week”, start the long weekend and go into vacation mode. 

PLUS, I knew my team would enjoy it too.  

That’s another reality I had to come to accept as well,.  If Matt Plapp’s brain goes to cruise control before these events, I’m sure my employees are even farther gone.  So embrace it, have fun, and smile.

Now, onto the actual vacation.

As I was walking through the gym Friday night, the day before we left for our cruise I mentioned to a friend “I need this, I’m fried.”

And to be quite honest, that’s the truth. I’ve been running HARD since last Summer and even the few trips I took during that time were not completely what they should have been, since we are in a crazy growth stage.  But now, I have some breathing room and time to chill.  

BUT you also have to know what NOT TO DO in these instances.  You have to be “one with your mind” and know how to keep your brain going.  

For me, that’s why I love cruises.  I love taking a few books, empty paper, and headphones to a secluded area for a few hours and GOING DEEP!  Yes, I get plenty of downtime on trips, but I also know there is no turning off my brain, and when I have done that in the past, I’m miserable. 

The part that I truly love about vacation is the lack of meetings and phone calls.  The fact that there’s zero expectation from me for that time and I can just be ME!

So I’m off for 12 days, but you’ll still find me here every day.  


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