Honesty With Your Customers

Honesty with customers is imperative at this time, now more than ever. Explaining the situation to and being honest and open with your client base is going to yield better results for you and your team.

Brian says, “Every dollar you spend here isn’t going into my pocket, per se, it’s helping the 25 employees I have pay their bills, take care of their kids. That’s a very honest message that we need to continue to push. We are the backbone of most cities, right? The small business sector.”

People inherently like to help others, so knowing that their money is helping the staff rather than just the owner of a restaurant, will do wonders for your team.

On Tuesday, March 17th, I hosted 4 restaurant owners to talk about how they are tackling these tough times. The advice they all shared was amazing and will no doubt help many operators during this tough time.

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