How to leverage in-store marketing at your restaurant to gain attention to build a database

Have You Seen The 💰MONEY BAG💰

This is a promo we used in our Boat & RV Dealership that to create excitement with employees and customers. It’s one that ALL restaurants need to Learn. This week I used it to help servers understand how to use it to GAIN the data of the customers in your restaurant.

Sad thing Is 97% of restaurants, yes 97 out of 100 of you that get this email, are NOT doing anything in house to gain customer data…especially like this.

And that’s why my team travels the county to help show restaurants what it takes to succeed. This week I traveled to Phoenix to train 3 clients who own 28 restaurants combined.

ATTRACT, BUILD, RETAIN is what I preach…

Retain doesn’t happen without your customers data!

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