Judging the BEST Wings in America!

With each bite, the wings grew hotter and the meat sweats grew worse. I was only a quarter of the way through judging and I had already eaten enough chicken wings to feed a family for a week. With no end in sight, I knew what needed to be done. As I loosened my belt, and wiped my mouth, I began to prepare myself mentally for the hardest thing I’ve ever done – Score the winners of the National Buffalo Wing Festival.

I’m just kidding, the event was a blast and I’m always excited to get the opportunity to participate in judging the wings at The National Buffalo Wing Festival! Come along with us as we tear into a serious amount of wings and find out who has the best wings in America!

*This video is not responsible for any uncontrollable cravings or spontaneous wing-eating marathons that may occur after watching.*

#buffalowings #buffalowingfest

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