Matt Plapp Frutta Bowl Client Review 2nd

1 Month Of Working With Us & Their Best Month EVER!

Last week I emailed myself a question “why did I start Driven Media Solutions”. I was reading a book that asked you revisit why you started your business.

In 2008 I started Driven Media Solutions to help small businesses make better marketing decisions, get their business online, get active on Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/LinkedIn and to see tangible results.

I started my marketing career in 1999 in radio and I loved it. I love dealing with business owners, I loved getting their message out to customers and I love helping them grow their business.

BUTTTTT, I always had this voice in my head saying “but is it really working”. You see, in many cases I didn’t know if what we were doing was working and neither did my clients.

Flash forward to 2015 and we had stumbled across a marketing tactic on Facebook that helped me show 3 clients, Nick, Jay and Eric, how to see results. They owned 3 restaurants, Hofbrauhaus Newport, Hofbrauhaus Columbus and Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh.

On April 26th 2015 we did a “National Pretzel Day Promotion”. The goal was simple, prove to Nick that you could deposit likes in the bank. Meaning we could take our Facebook following and get them to make a purchase.

$18,000 in sales across 3 stores proved my point.

From 2015-2020 we’ve taken that 1 promotion and tweaked it a million times and created a program to help businesses see trackable results from their marketing, the ROI Engine.

This video takes me back to why I started Driven Media, which is now DBA ROI Experts.

This franchise of Frutta Bowls starting working with us in June 2020. That June they had their best month every, beating out June 2019 by 17.8%. Yes in the midst of opening up post pandemic they are up 17,8%

Let’s dig into how and why they had this growth.

It’s simple

Spend To Build!

Spend your ad dollars and efforts to build a database. You’re basically double dipping. You’re still getting the great reach, impressions and engagements from the ads, but now you’re also getting a database that you own.

Want to talk about this for your restaurant? As the video says, call me.


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