MP TV – Episode 80 – TikTok On The Clock ⏰ With Cali BBQ

Come on over to the golden ☀️ state as Matt makes his way to Cali BBQ 🍖 in sunny San Diego, California. Owner Shawn Walchef and his wife Rosita continue the Bulgarian traditions of hospitality 🤝 in their business, all while serving mouth-watering smoked barbecue. Shawn also has his hands in digital media 📲 as the host of Digital Hospitality, a weekly business and marketing podcast. So let the sunshine 🌞 in as Matt and Shawn discuss:

📲 Taking advantage of TikTok
📲 Keeping up with the changing technology
📲 Starting TODAY, not tomorrow
📲 Making sure that you’re not the problem
📲 Utilizing free social media platforms
📲 Not being afraid to post

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