MP TV – Episode 81 – Problem-Solving Your Way to Profit with Josh Kopel

He’s a podcaster 🎙️, a restaurateur 🍽️, a tech pioneer 📲 AND… he’s sharing his insider secrets 🤫 with us. He’s none other than Josh Kopel! Throughout his 20-year career, he’s managed venues ranging from the Alligator 🐊 Bayou Bar to Hollywood nightclubs, bars, 🍸 and ultra-lounges. In response to the devastation he saw in his own businesses and the industry, Josh created Full Comp 🎙️ with Yelp in 2020. Get your notebooks 📓 ready as Matt and Josh drop some nuggets of wisdom on:

👉 Taking time to unplug
👉 Why simple steps aren’t always easy
👉 Admitting there’s a problem to find a solution
👉 The missing element with failed restaurants
👉 Why busier does’t always mean better
👉 Shedding the bad news bears mentality

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