MP TV – Episode 84 – Find Your Drive With Perry Freeman

Get your shades on🕶️, because this week we stopped by Charleston SC, and after catching a few rays☀️ at the beach🏖️, and good eats at Coconut Joe’s🥥, we are joined by its owner, Perry Freeman.😎 Perry is a self made restaurateur. He started as a dishwasher🍽️ over 20 years ago and climbed the ranks 📈 to become the owner of Charleston Sports Pub along with its 7 locations (and one on the way!)😲, as well as Coconut Joe’s and Lawrence’s Seafood Company🦞! Today, Matt and Perry sit and discuss:

🕶️Be open about opportunities
🕶️Loyalty is built, not automatic
🕶️Infrastructure is crucial for growth
🕶️Habits can make or break, so make them productive
🕶️Not letting doubt be a killer
🕶️Stop overthinking and just take action

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